Melbourne Synagogue Faced With Over $500k in Fines After Celebrating Jewish Holiday

“When was the last time in history police surrounded a Synagogue for holding ‘illegal services’ on Rosh Hashanah? Nazi Germany,” Avi Yemini said.

An Orthodox Jewish community in Melbourne, who allegedly gathered to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, were hit with over $500,000 in fines on Tuesday.

Police, acting under the State’s sixth strict COVID lockdown issued 100 individuals with $5,452 AUD tickets for an apparent breach of public health orders.

The Times of Israel reported that “100 worshipers gathered inside the synagogue at around 5 a.m. and refused to leave until nightfall.”

Remy Varga noted in The Australian that the East Melbourne Synagogue was surrounded by police after detectives “received multiple reports that health orders were being breached.”

Stopping just short of directly blaming the Orthodox Jewish group, Victoria’s Premier threatened that “breaches could prolong lockdowns…if we don’t follow these rules, we will all have to wait longer to do the things that we want to do.”

In his report, Varga cited the local member, David Southwick, who’d said he was “disappointed,” and demanded there be “consequences for those who failed” to comply with the sixth strict lockdown in 19 months.

He then included a condemnation of the group from prominent Jewish community member Philip Dalidakis, who asserted that the gathering “was a wanton disregard for the law.”

Employing one of the new cancel culture equivalents to “that’s racist”, Dalidakis called the Orthodox Jewish community “selfish.”

So did Melbourne’s Lord Mayor, Sally Capp (Ind.).

9News said Capp “praised the community” who had denounced their Orthodox Jewish neighbours.

Reporting the event as though police had taken down a domestic terror cell, 9News told its readers that a 45-year-old cameraman was “recovering in hospital,” after being allegedly assaulted at the scene.

This isn’t the first time 9News has presented a story with a slant that supports the COVID hegemony.

On September 3, Nine News blocked commenting after asking people, on behalf of New South Wales Police, to identify freedom rally protesters.

The stream of comments overwhelmingly supported the August Australian freedom uprising, showing that there is a growing majority fed up with the corruption of a partisan media, enabling a rotting bureaucracy.

The Age called the police assault on the Jewish Orthodox group a “stand-off.”

It’s unknown if any of the group are covaccinated. Most media reports seemed to be unconcerned about reporting those details.

All media reports, however, indicated that this wasn’t the first time the Orthodox Jewish dissidents have “flouted COVID-19 rules.”

The large presence of legacy media outside the Synagogue probably dissuaded the Victorian police from using excessive force. Something they’re now well known for doing.

Police beating down the doors of a Synagogue and harassing its members isn’t all that far removed from the horrors of Kristallnacht, or Stalin’s pogroms.

Rather than storm the Synagogue, Victorian police “manned the exists,” ambushing members as they left.

Rebel News’ Avi Yemini told Caldron Pool that the Orthodox Jewish community group had firsthand experience, not only with the effects of the virus but with government thuggery.

Yemini said, even though they know the risks, their firsthand experience with the virus has taught them that we can live with the virus, rather than in fear of the virus.

He explained that the community of Orthodox Jews were Eastern European, saying that those gathered are dedicated; these guys would “rather pray than eat.”

Despite police appearing to want to avoid the negative P.R. and bad optics, a raid would trigger; police won’t be able to stop their actions being viewed as any different to those of a totalitarian police state.

Citing examples of police not treating Mosques or Muslims with the same COVID cultism fever as they are some Churches and Synagogues, Yemini added that the Jewish community were a “soft target” for authorities.

To back this, see how legacy media inferred last year that they are not open to reporting clearly about sources of some outbreaks, for “fear of stoking Islamophobia.” (The Guardian, 25th June 2020.)

As Yemini wrote on Twitter, “When was the last time in history police surrounded a Synagogue for holding “illegal services” on Rosh Hashanah? Nazi Germany.”

In a follow-up Tweet, he stated, “They’re singing, ‘from generation to generation, we stay (loyal to our faith).’ The ancestors of this community conducted ‘illegal prayer services’ under both Stalin and Hitler. So #DictatorDan doesn’t scare them.”

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