“It Is No Longer My Party”: Christensen Resigns From the LNP

“If it wants to be all things to all people including the Left, then it will do so without the support of conservative voters.”

In an addendum to his viral Vaya Con Dios to the Australian parliament late last week, George Christensen has quit the Liberal National Party.

The former LNP maverick posted a copy of his resignation letter to Facebook on Thursday afternoon, where he said his reasons for quitting the Coalition were “manifold.”

In the notice, Christensen wrote:

“My resignation should not come as a surprise given the public disenchantment I have expressed about the party’s direction.”

Keeping the list of reasons short, although not definitive, he reminded the LNP of its public policy disaster regarding COVID-19. This includes the LNP letting wayward Labor Premier’s function as dictators.

Additionally, Christensen denoted disgust at the LNP’s handling of, and hypocrisy over the deployment of vicious “no jab, no job” vaccine mandates.

He then hinted at the pending public relations catastrophe, should the Party continue a hard-line pursuit of the ‘extreme green’ religion’s “net zero” pipedream.

Describing his ‘almost three decades’ as a member of the Liberal National Party, Christensen said his decision to resign wasn’t an easy one.

Qualifying his reasoning for parting ways, Christensen said:

“I joined the party in the late 1990s because it was THE party of conservatives. In 2022, the Liberal National Party – as an extension of the Liberal Party – seems anything but conservative…and thus, it is no longer my party.”

He added:

“The party needs to undertake some serious soul-searching about what — and who — it stands for. If it wants to be all things to all people including the Left, then it will do so without the support of conservative voters.”

If this need for self-reflection is ignored, and the LNP fail to reform, the Federal LNP will become as ineffectual as many of its state counterparts.

Consequently, Christensen warned, the LNP would be dooming the party ‘to inhabit the Opposition benches for many a moon.’

Christensen’s resignation is a post-script entry to his speech last week.

Arguing for ‘Parliamentary Representation,’ Christensen admonished the Canberra establishment for the downgrade of the Westminster system of good governance, the curtailing civil liberties, and the erosion of “true representation.”

The speech put on public record clear opposition to the World Economic Forum’s 5th columns within Australia’s institutions, and the Communist Chinese Party’s subversive quest for influence.

In addition, Christensen challenged the “stale” political theatre by asking, “What happened to individuality in this place? What happened to critical thinking? What happened to true representation?” 

He then asserted, “our democracy is one that should be from the ground up – the people up – not from the globalists down.” 

Such highly visible representation of political opposition to vaccine mandates, net-zero nonsense, and foreign interference in how Australians are governed, will be missed.

In his resignation, George Christensen, the bane of both mild, and mad Australian Leftism, has further carried the voice of many Australians ignored by the mangled moral leadership overseeing the toxic erosion of Australia’s historical standard of good governance.

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