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WATCH: Muslim men confronted after setting up a pro-Islam stall at the site of Melbourne’s recent Islamic terrorist attack.

A group of Muslims set up a pro-Islamic stall at the site of last week’s terrorist attack in Melbourne in hopes of “spreading the good news” of the Quran.

Avi Yemini from the Australian Liberty Alliance confronted the men and asked if they thought it was appropriate to set up an Islamic stand at the site of the attack.

The conversation quickly became heated when the men denied any link between Islam and terrorism, instead pointing the finger at Yemini and the Jewish people, accusing them of being the real terrorists.

Police eventually intervened and separated the men.

“This is Australia,” Yemini said. “We just went through a terrorist attack right here, and these guys want to promote Islamic Jihad on our streets. We shouldn’t let this go. Australian’s need to rise up.”


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