Trudeau’s Totalitarian Double Standards: Silence After Violent Environmentalists Attack Pipeline

“…unlike the peaceful Freedom Convoy, there are virtually no legacy media outlets or Canadian politicians referring to the attacks against CGL as domestic terrorism, or the violent protesters as domestic terrorists.”

Canada’s RCMP has called for public assistance after violent protesters allegedly destroyed property and attacked workers at a remote worksite 60km from Houston, British Columbia.

Around 20 activists ‘armed with axes’ allegedly intimidated employees, and ‘attacked’ CGL gas pipeline ‘security guards, smashing their windows.’

An RCMP report stated that protesters appeared to have blocked the roadway ‘with downed trees, tar-covered stumps, wire, boards with spikes in them, and fires had been lit throughout the debris.’

One officer was injured. Protesters also ‘threw smoke bombs, and fire lit sticks at police as they worked their way through the debris and traps.’

The RCMP posted photos showing ‘significantly damaged heavy machinery, fencing, and portable buildings.’

North District Commander, Chief Superintendent Warren Brown, condemned the violence, concluding, “This was a calculated and organized violent attack that left its victims shaken and a multimillion-dollar path of destruction.”

Brown then asserted, “While we respect everyone’s right to peacefully protest in Canada, we cannot tolerate this type of extreme violence and intimidation.”

Coastal GasLink is constructing a 670km natural gas pipeline from Dawson Creek to Kitimat, in British Columbia.

A company media statement recounted the attack, saying, “[The incident] began just after midnight. Lighting and video surveillance was disabled, and on-site heavy equipment was used to damage other vehicles and property; a tactic – CGL claimed – which was used in previous blockades.”

In an update, CGL called the attack a ‘highly planned and dangerous unprovoked assault.’ They described the attackers as wearing masks and camouflage.

CGL’s Vice President of Project Delivery, Kent Wilfur rejected rumours suggesting the attack was staged.

Over the past ‘several weeks’ there have been other incidents where staff have been ‘confronted, disrupted and intimidated,’ by activists using ‘forest trails to access the site.’

Epoch News said the gas pipeline is opposed by the ‘Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs and environmentalists’ because it ‘cuts across Wet’suwet’en First Nation traditional territory.’

Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) magazine, Pipeliner, added, “The Indigenous group has been protesting the pipeline for some time, arguing that it is a violation of their law to proceed with construction on what is known as Dark Horse territory.”

Although Wet’suwet’en chiefs allow CGL onto their lands for pipeline maintenance, the group remains opposed to the LNG project.

Despite cheering on the environment, CGL hasn’t always been clean.

The CGL gas project ‘crosses 625 streams, creeks, rivers and lakes, including a vital fish habitat.’

In December 2021, CBC Canada recounted a number of infringements. One of those resulted in ‘two enforcement orders to fix erosion and sediment problems, after failing to comply with conditions of the environmental permits that allow the pipeline to be built.’

What’s the most striking thing about all of this, is, unlike the peaceful Freedom Convoy, there are virtually no legacy media outlets or Canadian politicians referring to the attacks against CGL as domestic terrorism, or the violent protesters as domestic terrorists.

Alleged environmental fanatics, causing massive damage – including environmental damage in order to protect the environment – is okay, but “don’t you dare ‘honk, honk’ at me! Because it’s the equivalent of saying “HEIL Hitler” (Paraphrasing, Trudeauian, Canadian Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks.)

Other than Conservative Candice Bergen, the interim Opposition leader expressing concern over these attacks, the attacks have barely registered as a blip on the Canadian government’s radar.

As Cory Morgan illustrated in the Epoch Times:

“Millions of dollars in damage were wrought in the attack on the Coastal GasLink (CGL) site and a police officer was injured…Meanwhile, legacy media remained focused on covering the remarkably peaceful arrests of organizers within the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa.”

He adds, “The peaceful albeit annoying protests in Ottawa have been going on for three weeks now… The increasingly violent protests and actions against the CGL pipeline project in B.C. have been going on for well over two years now.”

Morgan then notes how funding keeps pouring in for these protesters, yet no bank accounts have been seized, donors tracked or state of emergency powers enacted.

His conclusion is spot on.

Trudeauians, ‘can no longer ignore the acts of violence in B.C. while they are deeply invested in crushing the peaceful gatherings in Ottawa.’

Nothing quite highlights the complete hypocrisy of despotic leaders, like those leaders squashing a group of peaceful protesters, while exempting armed (presumably) far-left activists, damaging property, and throwing dangerous projectiles at law enforcement.

It’s inconsistent. It’s dopey, and it unmasks the stupidly obvious double standards we’ve come to expect from the reigning leftist hegemony and their WEF globalist overlords.

Watch Trudeau slap Putin over the wrist for territorial authoritarian expansion, the same week Trudeau and his regime imprisoned political opponents, trampled protesters, banned the media, threatened dissenters, and seized their bank accounts.

All of it acted out under the insidious cover of COVID.

All of it is done behind the pretence of “public safety.”

It shouldn’t be of any surprise that Putin is probably emboldened by this self-righteous clown show.


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