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Man Shot in Cop-Free ‘CHAZ’ Wants to Sue Police for Not Responding Fast Enough

A man who was shot five times in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone last week has said he wants to sue the Seattle Police Department for not responding fast enough to the incident.

In a video posted to social media from his hospital bed, the man asks for financial support to fund his legal case against the department for not properly policing the self-declared no-cop autonomous zone known as CHAZ.

“I was shot in Seattle at CHAZ on Friday,” the man said. “The cops left me out there to die. I need help with some money and legal or media to get my story told and get it out there.

“I got shot five times, I need you guys’ help,” he added.

Seattle police said in a statement that violent crowds within the police-free zone have prevented them from reaching victims, one of whom, a 19-year-old male had died from gunshot wounds.

Video released by police shows officers arriving at CHAZ following the shooting where they were met by hostile crowds.

An officer in the video can be heard saying, “Please move out of the way so we can get to the victim. All we are trying to do is get to the victim and provide them aid.”

Protesters can be heard yelling, “You don’t belong here. They’re gone, the victim is gone.” Another says, “Put your f****** guns down.”


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