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WATCH: Neil Patrick Harris says, when he was 13-years-old Whoopi Goldberg promised him sex.

Neil Patrick Harris inadvertently called out Whoopi Goldberg during his appearance on The View last week.

When the star of How I Met Your Mother began discussing his childrens’ birthday party, Goldberg began to laugh. The confused panel then turned their attention to Goldberg and questioned why she was laughing. “I’m laughing because I remember you at that age,” she responded.

Harris then told the panel that he filmed his first movie with Goldberg. “A movie called Clara’s Heart and we worked together on that,” Harris said. “She told me — I was what, 15-16-years old — she told me on my last day of shooting, that in ten years time she was going to have sex with me.”

“I might’ve,” Goldberg responded. “He had many questions as a kid and so I said listen, wait ten years and I’ll take you through it.”

“See, in those days you could actually have some fun like that. Can’t do that now,” Goldberg added.

According to IMDB, however, Harris was not 15 or 16-years old at the time of filming, but younger. While Clara’s Heart was released in 1988, hit was filmed two years earlier in 1986, when Harris, who was born in 1973, was just 13-years of age.


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