UK Street Preacher’s ‘Misgendering’ Conviction Overturned

“The street preacher was found guilty by a Magistrates court, then made to pay a £620 fine and complete 80 hours of community service.”

The conviction of UK street preacher, David McConnell, arrested for allegedly blaspheming the GayGB cult in 2021, has been overturned.

McConnell, a Pastor, was charged by police in Leeds on June 8, 2021, and held under suspicion of committing an act of ‘domestic terrorism,’ for “insulting” [read ‘misgendering’] a biological male, who identifies as a woman.

Representing McConnell, Christian Concern said he was arrested under ‘section 4A of the Public Order Act 1986 for ‘insulting’ a member of the public’ in his conversations with the man.

As well as ‘during a one-on-one conversation with a police officer wearing a pentagram tattoo, and an upside-down cross.’

The street preacher was found guilty by a Magistrates court, then made to pay a £620 fine and complete 80 hours of community service.

McConnell was reported to PREVENT, the UK’s counter-terrorism division.

Footnote worthy: PREVENT is the same UK government initiative against “hate” indoctrination, recently criticised by an independent review for being compromised by far-left-wing hate groups.

‘Prior to his arrest, Mr McConnell had been assaulted, abused, and had his belongings stolen while preaching,’ CC added.

No one else was arrested.

Recalling the events in a piece for The Critic, McConnell wrote,

‘I was preaching to a small group of people when I was approached by a man dressed and acting like a woman. He asked me if God accepted the LGBTQ+ community — to which I had responded that God hates sin.’

‘I told them “this gentleman” had asked a question about if God accepts the LGBTQ+ community. Once I had said this, I ended up being heckled by other people who argued that this was a woman and as much a “woman” as a biological woman.’

With the conversation going back and forth, ‘the man identifying as a woman went off and phoned the police.’

‘He came back and joined in with the crowd — singing, laughing and even sitting on the floor, continuing to listen to me preaching, as I carried on answering questions.’

When the police arrived, McConnell said, “he told the officer what had happened. The officer, angered, snapped: “she’s already told you she is a woman”.

McConnell was then handcuffed, arrested, and detained for 14 hours.

This is despite the UK having zero laws making the so-called crime of ‘misgendering’ a member of the fascist LGBT cult, a criminal offence.

Ramping up their defence, Christian Concern’s Legal Centre successfully argued, the ‘police response was unlawful, disproportionate and interfered,’ with McConnell’s freedom of thought, conscience, expression, and freedom of religion.

All four are soundly protected by Articles 9 and 10 of the 1950, European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Demanding the biological man be referred to as a woman, Anthony Hawks, the Court’s case manager, declared, “This is a woman, we will have no more debate.”

Justifying the arrest, the police officer involved recounted,

“McConnell wanted to argue his rights of free speech. Regardless of what he’d have preached, I think the crowd wouldn’t allow it.”

The arresting officer said, “the final trigger” was McConnell “referring to the [so-called] victim as a man in a dress.”

Appearing to attract LGBT attack-tivists, the crowd grew in number, and started screaming down the calm Street Preacher, by chanting “hate speech, hate speech.”

Police arrived to the crowd demanding they beat McConnell into submission, stating,

“You’ve got a baton, slap him around the f***ing arse and take him.”

Emboldened by the Pro-PRIDE Police presence, the “love is love” mob, shouted,

“Turn that cross upside down and shove it up you’re f***ing arse.”

They then called McConnell and another Pastor,

‘a stupid C***’ a “dirty little scumbag” and said “just imagine if I pushed him off there [step ladders].’

McConnell was asked about whether he knew he was ‘misgendering’ the man, who identifies a woman, to which McConnell firmly replied, “I wasn’t misgendering, I was telling the truth.”

Police arrested the 15-year Street Preaching veteran on the grounds he committed a “Homophobic hate crime.”

Even though they could have chosen not to listen, and carried on with their day, officers stated, “there were a lot of members of the [small] crowd who [felt] ‘harassed, alarmed and distressed.”

McConnell’s conviction was overturned by the Crown Court on appeal.

The court acknowledged that although McConnell ‘did cause the person distress, it is not an offence to insult someone.’

There was no debate about whether or not LGBT activists had set up McConnell as way to intimidate, censure, and threaten the cult’s dissenters.

Instead, major “news” outlets were quick to infer that McConnell was a “gay basher,” with headlines such as the BBC’s, ‘Preacher’s trans woman’s harassment quashed; and the Daily Mail’s, ‘Christian street preacher who harassed a transwoman…

The arrest and conviction of David McConnell is part of a growing number of attacks on Christians in the West by Woke lawfare fanatics.

In 2019, Oluwole Ilesanmi was awarded £2,500 for wrongful arrest, after he was arrested, and charged for “Islamophobia.”

In April 2022, John Sherwood, a 72-year-old preacher was arrested for “hate speech”, only to have the charge dismissed.

Hazel Lewis was arrested in Finsbury Park, U.K, for allegedly making homophobic and racist comments. In 2021, after an 18-month legal ordeal, Lewis was exonerated.

Christian Concern’s good news arrives just as Australia’s Victorian Liberal Party suspended Liberal MP, Moira Deeming for nine-months after so-called “neo-Nazis” crashed a ‘Let Women Speak’ event protesting the transgender takeover of biological women’s spaces.

The action was taken against Deeming without any apparent investigation into who the group was, what their intentions were, or whether the so-called “Nazis” were a) in fact Nazis, and b) had known connections to Deeming.

The virtue-signalling legacy media, along with Australia’s banal pro-PRIDE political machine, hyped up allegations based on the appearance of association, without any rigorous, evidence-based enquiry.

As with the false accusations, false arrests, and political persecution, used to intimidate truth speakers like Deeming, and David McConnell, ask:

Cue Bono?


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