The Death of Democracy in Western Australia

“As a refugee child from a communist dictatorship regime, I will not stop fighting to preserve the rights and freedoms of Australia’s constitutional democracy, founded upon the Christian heritage and principles of love to our fellow man. I will continue to do so in the future.”

The Western Australian election results are reflective of a society deeply affected by COVID propaganda. WA Labor controls much of the media here through relationships and otherwise, and it is the media that has to answer for the fear-mongering of citizens mid-COVID in Perth, where we have had zero community transmissions, and for the damaging portrayal of Mark McGowan as a demi-god-like figure, idolising his efforts in ‘saving’ us from COVID. Mark did not save us – our geography did. This worship of our political leaders is nothing short of encouraging our leaders to become machiavellian.

In the same vein as my article for which I was disendorsed, the question of whether our fears of coronavirus have undermined our freedoms is more relevant than ever before. It appears that it was the fear of COVID, or the uncertain future surrounding COVID that drove voters to react violently at the polling booths against the Liberals last Saturday, who gave no alternative views, or no strong opposition on anything that Mark McGowan had done, or proposed to do.

In fact, the Liberal leader Zak Kirkup not only stated that he agreed with the McGowan approach to COVID and that he would do the same, Mr Kirkup went much further –  making policy announcements this election that labelled him as being more green than the Greens!

Kirkup’s policy announcement that the Liberals propose to shut down the coal industry by 2025 alienated a lot of Liberal voters and left others genuinely confused.

There is no doubt that this election was won and lost on COVID policies – but, have we forgotten that Labor, in their last four-year term: increased the cost of living for the average household; remained elusive about the actual surplus they made during COVID; and did not spend any of that surplus in supporting local businesses to keep afloat at all during COVID – rather relying on Federal incentives. So, why were even liberal voters driven to place a number one next to McGowan’s name on the ballot paper this last Saturday, believing in the ‘saviour’-like figure?

The unprecedented victory of the Labor Party in Western Australia comes at a high price.

The Western Australian Parliament now has a majority of Labour members, 53 to 3 Liberal and 4 Nationals, with no real opposition, no real balance of power, and the danger of a dictatorship-like labor regime emerging. Marxist Mark has just announced himself as the treasurer of WA for the next four years as well as holding the role of Premiere, with no real opposition in Parliament – who will hold him to account? Have we just killed democracy in Western Australia?

No longer is there an opposition that can debate or vote against legislation that the Labor parliament wants to introduce, such as Victoria’s Conversion laws, which threatens freedom of religion, announced partway through the WA election as proposed for introduction after Labor is re-elected.

I totally reject David Honey’s presumption that it was the influence of the evangelical Christian candidates and supporters that the Liberals lost the election. In fact, the Christian evangelicals were the strength of the party and the 2021 campaign, and if the WA Liberals kept to their conservative roots and expressed them in policy, they would have not only retained their Liberal voters, but they would have attracted a lot more voters who were crying out for alternatives to the socialist approach of the Labor party.

People are crying out for an alternative political voice. The people need a leader who has the hallmarks of a true conservative to offer a strong alternative: a leader who is in it for the right reasons; who is selfless, has a heart for the people, not power; is counter-cultural; who will confront greed and corruption and a leader who will stand up for truth, justice and freedom in the face of criticism.

As a Liberal Party member and political campaigner for the last 14 years, I know that there are many Liberals disappointed about the extent to which Mr Zak Kirkup compromised on the foundational values and ideals to which Liberals hold so dear. The results have proven that the compromises that the Liberal Party here in WA have made on their identity did not pay off.

The question remains, is the same left faction that pushed me out of the Liberal Party, and pushed Kirkup into leadership in order to appeal to the centre-left voters this last election still in control post-disastrous election results?

If so, the Liberal Party here in WA has little to no chance of surviving as they are.

The WA Liberals have lost many members due to their recent performance during this campaign, and many former Liberal members have advised me that they have cancelled their membership on principle due to how I was treated by Mr Kirkup and his team six weeks out from Election Day.

The Liberal Party have two options: they are either to re-brand and re-mobilise under their new identity and beliefs and be honest about the political party they have become, or they are doomed  to fail if they continue pretending to themselves and to the rest of Australia that they are the same Liberal Party that they once were.

If the WA Liberals try and continue as they are, they are in danger of losing more members for misleading them as to what they stand for, and who they are fundamentally as a political party.

Although I was disendorsed by the Liberal Party only six weeks out from election day, I continued to campaign as an independent. My platform was one in which I was willing to fight for the rights of families and small businesses, for our freedoms and rights, for justice and for truth in politics and the public sphere, for minimal interference of government, for bodily autonomy and the sanctity of life and against harmful communist ideologies that threaten our very way of life.

 As an international human rights lawyer, I have been extremely concerned about the restrictions on our rights and freedoms under the COVID lock down, at times unjustified in Western Australia, with no evidence of COVID in our community, with the most recent lock-down mid-election said to be based on a false positive reading of the virus.

As a legal academic teaching law, I am extremely concerned about the outcome of this election result, one that directly threatens our democracy and the balance of powers in our parliaments.

As a refugee child from a communist dictatorship regime, I will not stop fighting to preserve the rights and freedoms of Australia’s constitutional democracy, founded upon the Christian heritage and principles of love to our fellow man. I will continue to do so in the future.

There is an undeniable ongoing threat of harmful ideologies such as communism in our Universities, in our economics, trade and international relations, and for these reasons, I will not give up! I love Australia too much, and I care too much about truth, freedom and justice!

What we need now is an uprising of freedom fighters willing to push back on that which is threatening the Aussie way of life – to push back through engaging in the democratic process; through lobbying, advocacy projects, education initiatives and even peaceful rallies – will you join us?

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