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WATCH: Justin Trudeau says, tolerance is not enough, we want acceptance and approval.

Once upon a time, there was a lot of talk about tolerance. That was the buzz word. But have you noticed that we don’t hear it so much these days? There’s a reason for that. It’s because, as R.C. Sproul Jr. rightly said, “tolerance was never the goal, approval is. We who give the former but not the latter will not be tolerated.”

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau confirmed that recently during a speech delivered in Yankee Stadium for 31,000 New York University graduates and guests.

“I think we can aim a little higher than mere tolerance,” Trudeau said. “Think about it: Saying ‘I tolerate you’ actually means something like, ‘Ok, I grudgingly admit that you have a right to exist, just don’t get in my face about it, and oh, don’t date my sister.'”

“There’s not a religion in the world that asks you to ‘tolerate thy neighbour,'” Trudeau continued. “So let’s try for something a little more like acceptance, respect, friendship, and yes, even love… because despite our differences, we are all the same.”


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