Aboriginal Names: Is There a Hidden Agenda?

“It is no secret that the UN has put in place a program of decolonisation. That is, to unwind the positive civilising effects of the Christian culture on Western countries. To send our countries back to the dark and uncivilised ways of the past.”

I live in Boorloo, Aboriginal Noongar country. Apparently!

I never knew this until recently when I saw the name on the train station sign. This took me 70 years to learn. I grew up in the southwest of Western Australia, in Noongar country, and my ancestors have been here since 1840 when they landed in Busselton as convicts courtesy of His Majesty’s government. Yet I was never taught anything about the traditional names that are surfacing like extinct animals in the thawing permafrost.

I now live in Perth, a city located on the traditional lands of the Aboriginal Noongar people. Their name Boorloo translates to ‘place of the quokka,’ a small kangaroo that the early European explorers mistook for a rat.

Lately, the whole country has gone crazy with this traditional naming nonsense. I’ve seen signs with large text in apparently Romanised script of the Noongar language but with an English translation beneath it. Who can read the Noongar text? It was not traditionally a written language so how untraditional is the traditional language anyway. Only a tiny few Aboriginals can speak their language fluently and there are possibly hundreds of dialects. Outside of academia, it has no utility.

Besides I thought the national language of Australia was English. Was I mistaken?

Recently I bought an Australia Post mailing package and in the address line they ask for ‘Traditional place name (if known)’. Hardly anyone would know a traditional place name. What, … is Australia Post going to try and deliver mail based on unknown traditional Aboriginal names of places? More insanity. Good luck with that!

The package I bought also displays a picture of the aboriginal Wagyl, which may also be written Waugal and Waagal and variants thereof. It is the Noongar manifestation of the Rainbow Serpent in Australian Aboriginal mythology, they say.

I would say it is not mythical but spiritual and definitively evil. In many religions the serpent represents evil. It certainly does in the Bible, upon which Christianity is based.

The Noongar describe the Wagyl as a snakelike Dreaming creature responsible for the creation of the Swan and Canning rivers and other waterways and landforms around present-day Perth and the south-west of Western Australia.

So it would seem that the Australian-government-owned corporation Australia Post, and many others, have found religion. No matter how you like to say this it is a religious concept, since the Aboriginal people make decisions based on whether or not the Wagyl is in some location or not. It could be in the ground or in the sky above. Only they can see it.

This was also brought to bear in the implementation of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2023 (WA) which was forced to be repealed only 50 days after promulgation. Whether or not the Wagyl or a Totemic Turtle or some other spiritual creature was ‘seen’ by some medicine man or woman in an area could determine the outcome of a development permit.

There is a hidden agenda here. It is no secret that the UN has put in place a program of decolonisation. That is, to unwind the positive civilising effects of the Christian culture on Western countries. To send our countries back to the dark and uncivilised ways of the past. Madness! The future is being turned back to the past, but with Orwellian newspeak where ‘evil’ is ‘good’ and visa versa.

A track marker from the Bibbulmun Track featuring a symbol of the Wagyl

It is not all good news!

The Wagyl is often characterised as being green and smoky grey in colour. So it blends into the ocean colours. It is also characterised as either female or male. Like the Rainbow serpent, it is depicted as a snake. See image above.

Perhaps it is gender non-specific. Could be male or female? How about trans or intersex? It is a Rainbow serpent. Are the colours of the Rainbow serpent the 6 colours of the LGBTQI Rainbow Pride flag? The 7 colours, ROYGBIV, were first established by Sir Isaac Newton, and are traditionally represented in the visible rainbow. Now 6 colours without Indigo are used by the trans/gay community. (Technically there are as many colours in the optical spectrum as there are wavelengths.)

However, in biblical symbology 7 represents God’s number and has the meaning of completeness, whereas 6 is man’s number and lacks completeness. It falls short of perfection.

This is not about physics really but about religious symbolism and symbolism is very important to disseminating a new cultural message.  The Pride flag is used this way. Is the Wagyl, the Rainbow snake, being pushed in the same manner now? I think so.

The new cultural message is obedience to the Wagyl, or to Mother Earth is some sort of Gaia worship. With all this ‘Welcome to Country’ nonsense they are trying to indoctrinate us into a new antichristian culture that was bad news for the Aboriginal people before Europeans arrived. So why would it be good news for us now? Have a smoking ceremony instead of praying the Lord’s prayer, or acknowledging the crown, like we once did every morning in school and at opening ceremonies.

Why don’t they tell us that the 250 or more Aboriginal tribes spoke different languages and dialects, feared other tribes, fought with each other, stole people from other tribes, had extremely high infant mortality, practised cannibalism, used spearing as a form of justice, and worshipped demon spirits, like the Rainbow Serpent? To go with all that they had no form of civilised society.

But because most once-Christian Western nations have now by and large rejected Christ as Lord and Saviour they are falling to the demonic influences of Satan. They have opened the door to the Rainbow Serpent and invited him in. 

In Australia, the demon Rainbow Serpent, the Wagyl, is claimed to be the Creator. Here we see the replacement of the true Creator, with Satan who was represented by the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Thus it is easy to see that this tactic is the same one Satan tried on in the Garden 6000 years ago when he said to Eve ‘Has God said..?’ He lied to her. What followed was catastrophic for man and all his descendants, us. Satan again is lying now. But thankfully Jesus defeated Satan on the cross and we have nothing to fear if we trust in Him.

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