Churches Banned From Live-Streaming From the Pulpit, Eucharistic Services Barred

While politicians and the chief health officer conduct daily press conferences in front of a crowd of reporters.

Live-streaming a worship service from a church building in Brisbane has been banned as part of the Queensland government’s endless war on “coronavirus.”

Federal MP George Christensen slammed the move in a post on Facebook, describing it as “just another example of government using the pandemic to remove our rights.”

“I have been advised by a priest in Brisbane that all churches are banned from even live-streaming services from their church building under the Palaszczuk Labor government’s lockdown rules,” Christensen said on Saturday.

“Indeed, I checked the rules and they are correct,” he said. “Under Dr Jeannette Young’s lockdown directions, worship services can only be conducted via live-stream from homes and not from an actual church.

“This may mean Catholic, Orthodox and perhaps Anglican and other Eucharistic services are shut down, as they mostly require such a service to be conducted at an altar in a church chapel.”

According to the direction: “Live streaming of a service may be conducted where each person involved in the service participates in the live streaming from their own principal place of residence.”

Christensen went on to say: “The hypocrisy of politicians and the chief health officer doing daily press conferences with a whole heap of people present has just been pointed out to me by Senator Matthew Canavan.

“Perhaps if they require priests and pastors to live stream services from home then the pollies and the health bureaucrats can also stay at home and do their press conferences by Skype and Zoom,” Christensen added.

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