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Senator Fraser Anning uses the words ‘final solution’ and our politicians and media desperately want you to be outraged.

Our politicians and media like to control the people. They’ll tell you what causes to support, what comments to be outraged at, what we can and what we cannot talk about, and which people ought to be socially rejected.

Take Lauren Southern’s recent Australian tour for example. Almost every media outlet in the country had something to say about the alt-right, far-right, right-wing, homophobic, transphobic, white-supremacist, fascist, anti-feminist, Nazi, racist 23-year-old Canadian.

But even Joe Hildebrand noted, “most of the news articles I’ve read don’t actually outline what her ideas are. Instead she is typically just referred to as racist, Islamophobic, anti-feminist and homophobic.”

That’s because our politicians and media don’t actually want to discuss certain issues, like those Lauren Southern raised. Debate about multiculturalism is simply off the table. Any attempts to raise it will be quickly dismissed as racism or xenophobia.

Today, our politicians and media are at it again. They’re trying their darnedest to stir up public outrage against Senator Fraser Anning. Why? Because he used the words “final solution” in his maiden parliamentary speech. And for those unaware, Hitler’s Nazi party also used the words “final solution” in reference to the extermination of the Jews. See the connection? Senator Anning is practically Hitler, or so the media would have you think…

Here’s Senator Anning’s comments in context:

The Minister for the Environment and Energy Josh Frydenberg told the Today Show he believes it’s “totally unacceptable for an Australian member of parliament let alone any Australian to utter those words and he should retract them.”

Senator Anning later appeared on the show saying his comments were “completely taken out of context… all I said was ‘the final solution of the immigration problem is a vote of the Australian people.’ That has nothing to do with [Hitler’s] Final Solution. The thought police got onto that.”

Greens leader Richard Di Natale also issued a response calling Senator Anning’s comments “vile,” “racist,” and “bigoted” saying, “If he has a shred of decency, he will immediately apologise.”

Earlier this morning Senator Anning told Sky News, “I wont apologise because it was never deliberately meant to be like that… The Jewish people know I’m a big supporter of the Jewish people.”

Senator Anning’s office released a statement saying the Senator has “dismissed criticism of his use of the words ‘final solution’ in regards to immigration as an effort by the left to shut down debate. ‘Claims that the words meant anything other than the ‘ultimate solution’ to any political question is always a popular vote are simply ridiculous.'”

“It is ironic that those on the left such as the Greens and some Labor who seek to criticise me are the same people who refused to support my efforts to stop Australia funding the Palestinian Authority who finance terrorist attacks against innocent Israeli women and children.”

Tell us what you think. Do you think it’s offensive to use the words “final solution”? Should Senator Fraser Anning apologise?

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