Country Music vs. Cultural Marxism

“They’re coming for Country Music because it’s in the way of them coming for you!”

When country music clashes with cancel culture it’s a sure sign Woke folk haven’t yet won the Country vote.

This week, in between a frantic quest to stop audiences from seeing Jim Caviezel’s blockbuster, Sound of Freedom, the far-left was screaming for the head of CM star, Jason Aldean.

Reading racism into Aldean’s Try That in a Small Town, released in May, critics had the July video version removed from high rotation on Country Music Television.

Activists falsely accused Aldean of ‘wolf-whistling to White Supremacism,” inciting gun violence, and cheering on lynchings.

They’re proof was spawned from a typical leftwing twisting of a presumed subtext.

Aldean’s video ‘was filmed in front of the Maury County courthouse, where a real lynching took place in 1927,’ explained Hugo Schwyzer in his cynical rundown for the Federalist.

“Surely, this is a racist dog whistle! Surely, the choice of location signals Aldean’s longing to return to one of America’s darker chapters when summary justice was dispensed in the streets!” he quipped.

Or, Schwyzer suggested, “Maybe Maury County is part of Greater Nashville, and for a video-production crew, it is a short drive from Music Row to a set that offers an authentic small-town aesthetic.

“You know the left, though. They’ll never attribute to practicality what they are oh-so-certain is better explained by bigotry.”

If there’s no subtext to mutilate, they’ll insert subtext to manipulate.

His greater point – which is well worth repeating – was that the attack on Adlean comes from both the Left’s paranoia and their lust for power.

Country Music is one of the last bastions in the United States that hasn’t sold out to Cultural Marxism, and its “long march” towards ‘total cultural hegemony.’

‘The left’s answer to this demographic rebuke is to try to erase the culture and heritage of red states, who still have wholesome values,’ argued Schwyzer.

If, he said, the Left can convince fed-up urbanites that small towns are not a refuge but instead hotbeds of hate, they figure they can stop the ‘exodus from Democrat-run states.’

“If they can cancel the Aldeans, and replace them with [far-left trans activists, like ‘Jesus was a white supremacist,’ country singer, Adeems the Artist,] the Left can have the total cultural hegemony that has eluded them for so long.”

This is, as far as the demographic goes, country music vs. cultural Marxism.

As the late great, Charlie Daniels, wrote:

What most people call a redneck
Ain’t nothin’ but a workin’ man
And he makes his livin’ by the sweat of his brow
And the calluses on his hands’

‘Now you intellectuals may not like it
But there ain’t nothin’ you can do
‘Cause there’s a whole lot more of us common folks
Then there ever will be of you.

Country represents hard truth vs. falsehood.

Hard work, not a life dependent on welfare.

Father God, not daddy government.

Christ, not chaos.

It represents family values, duty, faith, flag, and freedom. Not line-up, fall-in, salute, then goosestep in unison.

All these things are anathema to the cultural Marxist hive mind.

Country is currently counter-culture.

Hence the hatred, and skewed logic thrown at Aldean, for Try this in a Small Town.

To paraphrase Hugo Schwyzer, “They’re coming for [Country Music] because it’s in the way of them coming for you!”

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