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ABC employee lamented the ‘Religious Discrimination Bill’ will allow people to say “offensive things”, a week later he tweeted this

The ABC employee who said he wonders if he would “hate f*ck” Christian MP’s who opposed same-sex marriage, has offered us yet again another lesson in civility.

Benjamin Law, champion of tolerance and acceptance, on Sunday, tweeted: “Back at home and discussing politics with Mum. Given English is her second language, she’s now asking me why she’s heard so many people call the prime minister a ‘sh*tc*nt’ lately.”

Law, an LGBTQ activist who campaigned for “love”, “tolerance” and “equality for all” during the same-sex marriage debate, recently appeared in an advert for Equality Australia, where he lamented the fact that the “Religious Discrimination Bill” would allow people to say “offensive things.”

Isn’t it ironic how these sorts demand diversity in everything except thought? Those who campaigned under the guise of equality and tolerance now want to dictate what you can and cannot say and what constitutes “hate speech.”

According to Law, calling the Prime Minister of Australia a “sh*tc*nt” is totally acceptable, apparently. Agreeing with Jesus’ definition of sexual morality, however – well, that ought to be a punishable offence!

Earlier this year, Law tweeted: “My god, if telling people they’re going to hell for being queer isn’t hate speech, what the hell do you think IS hate speech, this is the most tedious national conversation honestly just shoot me into the core of the sun.”

Evidently, when these sorts demand equality, what they really seem to be asking for is special privilege. Privilege to freely call a man a “sh*tc*nt” because you oppose his ideology and behaviour, while simultaneously demanding laws that would prohibit him from employing the same insult because he opposes your ideology and behaviour.

Standards at the ABC are not just low-standards, they’re double-standards.

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