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LGBTQ activists campaigned for ‘diversity’, now they want to make diversity of opinion a crime

LGBTQI+ advocacy group Equality Australia has released a video on social media, essentially warning the public that the Coalition’s ‘Religious Discrimination Bill’ will give people a licence to express a Christian view of sexuality, leaving LGBTQ people vulnerable to diverse ideas.

The video, featuring an LGBTQ activist who said he sometimes wonders if he’d “hate-f*ck all the anti-gay MPs in parliament” just to get the “homophobia out of their system,” warns the bill will “take away your rights at work, at school, and in hospitals…”

How will the bill accomplish this? According to the video, your “rights” will be taken away “when people say offensive things.” What rights? The right not to be confronted with diversity of thought? The right not to have your feelings hurt by random people who don’t think the way you do? What rights!?

Yes, the same folks who campaigned under the guise of diversity, equality and tolerance now want to make it a criminal offence to express a sexual ethic that does not conform to LGBTQ ideology.

Nevermind the fact that their ideology explicitly undermines a Christian view of sexuality. Apparently that’s OK. What they won’t tolerate, however, is a Christian ideology that undermines their view of sexuality.

The video offers pretend examples of “discrimination” playing out, including a waiter telling a customer her lesbian relationship is an “abomination” in God’s eyes, and a manager suggesting Muslim women are oppressed under Islam.

So, let’s get this straight (no pun intended): According to this video, it’s “discrimination” to suggest the Islamic view of women is oppressive, but it’s not “discrimination” to suggest the Christian view of sexuality is oppressive.

Not only is the video self-refuting, but clearly demonstrates tolerance was never really their goal. It’s no longer enough to tolerate LGBTQ ideology. If you’re not abandoning your faith in order to embrace the rainbow religion, you will not, under any circumstances, be tolerated. Just ask Israel Folau or Margaret Court.

Despite what they may say, it’s not discrimination these sorts oppose. It’s anyone who doesn’t affirm their ideology.


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