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YouTube deletes ‘Borderless’, Lauren Southern’s latest documentary about mass immigration

YouTube has deleted Lauren Southern’s latest documentary less than 24-hours after it was made available on the video-sharing platform.

Southern received no explanation from YouTube after her film, investigating mass immigration in Europe, was marked unavailable. Prior to the removal of the video, users began noticing abnormalities on YouTube.

“When you try adding [the film] to your favourites it shows up as a [Deleted video],” Ian Miles Cheong, Managing Editor of Human Events tweeted.

“When I look at the video in search results it says the video was uploaded 16 hours ago and has 1 view,” Peter Sweden responded.

“I followed a link to see Borderless, but I just checked my sub feed and it’s not actually there,” BlazeTV host, Lauren Chen said. Weirdly enough, it’s also not showing up in your channel’s upload page for me, but it is on your channel’s homepage in the Borderless playlist.”

“Really heartbreaking when our team has put months and months of work into a project just to have it censored by YouTube,” Lauren Southern said. “It can’t be a coincidence that it’s not in notifications, shows as deleted, not on my videos list, doesn’t show in recent history…”

Hours later, the documentary was entirely gone. Anyone attempting to access the original video will receive a notice stating, “Video unavailable”.

YouTube offered Southern and her team no explanation as to why the video was removed. “How can everything fail on so many levels for the launch of this movie and now it’s just been made unavailable?” Southern asked.

Caolan Robertson, the film’s producer said, “Borderless has been deleted from YouTube and it was the least political project we have ever worked on. Not even a right wing movie. It literally tells the story from the refugees perspective on the ground. Extremely fair and balanced. Censorship is getting out of control.”

The film has since been re-uploaded to YouTube, however, the site’s search feature is not making it easy to locate. The full documentary can be viewed here.

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