Trump Gagged in Biden-Backed J6 Treason Trial

“The speech of Trump’s opponents is protected, while Trump’s right of reply has been ordered into lockdown.”

January 6 treason trial judge, Tanya Chutkan has handed the Biden24 campaign a win this week, ordering Donald Trump to remain silent.

On Monday, Chutkan ruled in favour of stripping the former president of the right to publicly defend himself against long-since debunked, “insurrection” accusations.

Chutkan, an Obama-era judge, was responding to requests to limit Trump’s freedom of speech which came directly from Biden prosecutor, Jack Smith.

The motion was filed in September.

Smith’s request accuses Trump of conducting a “disinformation campaign” regarding Biden’s mysterious midnight spike in votes circa 2020.

This they claim, was “eroding public faith in Joe Biden’s administration.”

Not without irony, the 24-page document then accuses Trump of “intimidating his critics.”

This puts limits on Trump’s ability to campaign, while also creating a “safe space” for Trump accusers and abusers – which includes his 2024 political opponent in the White House.

You read that right.

The speech of Trump’s opponents is protected, while Trump’s right of reply has been ordered into lockdown.

Justifications for the gag order included fears of reckless endangerment, “hate speech,” and the potential for “Trump’s words to hurt witnesses, and hinder the administration of justice.”

Providing running commentary, the folks at The Federalist were furious – and rightly so.

The Fed’s Tristan J. described the Chutkan as an activist judge.

She has “an obvious animus against the former president and his supporters,” he explained.

“Federal prosecutors could not have been given a more friendly judge in a district more friendly to the government’s case.”

Federalist CEO and Co-founder, Sean Davis, took to X and in protest said,

“Trump needs to reject this Soviet insanity in its entirety.

“Force the Biden admin and its pathetic lackeys on the D.C. bench to make a choice.”

Davis then added, “Do they want to keep the pretence of due process and free speech and free elections, or do they want to rig the whole thing out in the open and put Biden’s opponent in jail in the middle of the election for the crime of calling Biden’s DOJ corrupt?”

In another post, the Federalist CEO slammed the DOJ saying, “The Biden White House just used its corrupt DOJ to get a corrupt left-wing judge to ban Trump from criticizing his actual opponent in the 2024 election: DOJ.

“Trump needs to defy this insane order and dare them to arrest him to prove how insane this all is.”

The gag order strongly validates warnings from former Democrat, and 2020 presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard.

In a September 24 smackdown of Woke Warriors in the White House weaponizing the judiciary, she said,

“They are trying to keep President Trump off of the campaign trail to keep him away from being able to make his case for [re-election as President] to voters.”

“They’re afraid that he could actually win,” Gabbard continued.

“This is why they are committing this egregious abuse of power that cuts so much deeper than just going after Trump.”

Gabbard accused the Biden administration of setting a “precedent for persecution” that would reduce the United States to a representative republic in name only.

She then captioned the X post with, “The political prosecution of Trump is an obvious attempt by Biden/Dem elite to drain Trump’s attention and resources.”

“Their actions expose their utter contempt for democracy and the rule of law.”

Also criticising the corrupt judicial attempt to assassinate Trump politically, Mollie Hemmingway – another Federalist favourite of mine – grilled Chutkan’s ruling.

Hemmingway called it a “terrifying, republic-destroying attack on free elections, freedom of speech.”

Shying away from accusing Biden of election tampering, she came close, adding,

Chutkan has just “prohibited [the] leading GOP contender from talking about the corruption of his government opponents, or criticizing the government that seeks to imprison him for political differences.”

Responding on Truth Social, Trump stated, he was going to appeal the ruling.

An official statement was posted on X via Kari Lake, damning the decision to “muzzle Biden’s political opponent,” as “an absolute abomination, and ‘another partisan knife stuck into the heart of American democracy.”

If Trump fails to comply with the anti-free speech Biden DOJ mandate, he’ll be charged with contempt.

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