Are Our Fears of the Coronavirus Undermining Our Freedoms?

Escaping persecution and daily threats to our freedoms and rights under a suppressive Communist government, as a refugee family, we so appreciated the liberties that Australia afforded to us on our arrival. That’s why it is so painful for me, as a legal academic and lobbyist, to watch the current violations of our freedoms taking…

Escaping persecution and daily threats to our freedoms and rights under a suppressive Communist government, as a refugee family, we so appreciated the liberties that Australia afforded to us on our arrival.

That’s why it is so painful for me, as a legal academic and lobbyist, to watch the current violations of our freedoms taking place, which are slowly corroding our fundamental freedoms and rights – all in the name of fear.

As rational, thinking fee citizens involved in upholding the rule of law and engaging in political rights, it is important to take a step back as a nation and consider deeply what is currently taking place politically, socially and economically.

I never thought that escaping food rations, suppressive governments controlling our freedoms of speech, movement, association and religion would ever follow me here to Australia!

Have we thought deeply about how our society is currently changing forever?

I implore you; as citizens of a free state within a political democracy, please exercise your freedoms of thought, conscience and speech; rise above the shallow panic-buying reactions of fear and consider the bigger picture of what is taking place nationally and globally.

Let’s consider the facts thus far, and put some of the pieces of the puzzle together:

Not only had China hidden the truth of the Coronavirus spread from the rest of the world just before Chinese New Year – a time when Chinese nationals return home to visit their families from around the world, returning to their new places of residence carrying additional unwanted contagious ‘luggage’. The Australian revealed earlier this month that China has severely under-reported its confirmed COVID-19 cases by one third or more than 40,000 infections. This is crucial: the less we know, the longer our response time is delayed. If you understand the tenants of Communism, you will understand that this is a strategic economic, social and political covert take-over that results in control by virtue of ideological warfare.

In the bowels of the pandemic, it was recently revealed by Sky News that Chinese Australian nationals bought up important medical and other stock such as hand sanitisers, face masks and has-mat suits from Australian stores to ship it back to China. This violation of our economy, democracy and state-sovereignty came at a cost to Australian citizens, medical clinics and their patients, as many scrambled to get essential supplies for their families and loved ones, only to find the shelves emptied out.

To add insult to injury, The Age has reported that Chinese businessmen have moved onto vulnerable Australian businesses facing bankruptcy and shut-down amidst the Coronavirus epidemic they essentially created, including the recently reported giant Chinese-backed baby formula factory, which could soon be built in Western Australia. The factory will produce 30,000 tonnes of baby formula per year and will use 20,000 cows and 100million litres of water. China now owns the full supply chain of food processing in Australia, including the farming, manufacturing and transporting of food-stuffs out of Australia, including owning Ports and key Australian transport infrastructure.

There is no mistake: this is a strategic covert political and ideological take-over of Australia by the Chinese Communist Party, for the purposes of strategic military and natural resource gain. I agree with Mark Powell in The Spectator – the Chinese Communist Party cannot be trusted.

Thank God for MP’s such as Andrew Hastie who has recently advised the Cabinet on this matter, given his strategic military and intelligence background. The Daily Mail reported that: “the Australian Government is cracking down on Chinese state-owned firms eyeing distressed local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has declared there will be a zero dollar approval threshold for all proposed foreign investments of Australian businesses and residential real estate. His announcement came into effect at 10.30 pm, AEDT, last week, after Federal Liberal MP Andrew Hastie called for the Foreign Investment Review Board to be alert to the possibility of Chinese firms buying up distressed Australian assets.”

These political and legal measures are necessary, despite our long-term trade relations with China, for the purposes of retaining our state sovereignty as well as our economic independence.

It has also been revealed recently that while the rest of the world is busy battling the coronavirus pandemic, China, where the virus originated, has taken advantage of the countries’ preoccupation by building new facilities on Philippine-claimed territories in the West Philippine Sea.

We cannot fall asleep at the wheel.

Protecting Australia from international threats has to be our Government’s first priority. Protecting Australian citizens is the secondary role of the Government and in fact, the main purpose of law.

But – have Australian law-makers gone too far in restricting our freedoms in the name of ‘protection’?

From military state-control of international travellers to fines and jail time for a violation of isolation orders, our freedoms of movement and association are being compromised. We have to ask ourselves: are these measures proportionate, are they necessary, and what rights are they violating and for how long? It has been true in history that once a people group’s rights are taken away from them, it is much more difficult to get them back.

Globally, in places such as India, if you break the isolation directives, you are physically beaten by government officials on the streets. In Italy, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte recently hiked up the fines to between €400 euros and €3000 euros for people who defy a lockdown order,  with Italians facing arrest if they leave their homes for no good reason. These strict measures encroach heavily on the Italian citizen’s freedom of movement. There are riots in the streets in France, with protesters staring against the restrictive isolation measures, with the French Police turning to drones to help ensure virus confinement. In ex-communist Eastern Europe and elsewhere, rulers are assuming more power as they enact harsh measures they say are necessary including uncontrolled cellphone surveillance of their citizens and lengthy jail sentences for those who flout lockdown decrees or spread false information. In Serbia, Soldiers patrol the streets with their fingers on machine gun triggers.

From China’s lack of early transparency to the Australian Governments’ legislation-on-the-run response to the pandemic, have we considered the unintended consequences of the restrictions to our freedoms and liberties we have accepted? Here in Western Australia, the State Government has recently implemented jail terms which apply to anyone who threatens to transmit COVID-19; under the legislation. There have also been parliamentary suggestions which propose to use tracking bracelets on people who did not self-isolate; as reported in an ABC article.

In addition, the Western Australian Government is seeking to grant police the power to issue on-the-spot fines of $1,000 for individuals and $5,000 for businesses for failing to obey self-isolation or public gathering directives. The fines are referred to as “stage three” COVID-19 restrictions that involved shutting down playgrounds and skate parks. Mr McGowan, the Premiere of WA has said that the measures, along with a move to restrict gatherings to two people, were harsh but a reality.

Those returning to Australia from recent overseas travel find themselves not only quarantined but under ‘house arrest’ in hotels in the city of their arrival. A recent Daily Mail article reported on ‘Military Guard’ measures put into place by our Federal Government.

Overnight, we have allowed our Parliament to draft and pass legislation that compromises on so many of our rights and freedoms we hold so dear. Other measures, such as those which lead to a specific crackdown on people who cough or spit at police officers or medical staff in Western Australia, which could see offenders jailed for up to 10 years, under legislation to go before the Western Australian State Parliament have also been recently introduced, as reported in an ABC article earlier this week.

There is no doubt that the Australian Government have a duty of care and a responsibility to respond politically, legally and even economically to protecting its citizens from deadly viruses to ensure the common person’s safety and to prevent further spread, but while parliament seeks to protect with legislation, it needs to be careful that the utilitarian approach to restricting people’s movements, their freedom of association and their religious practices do not remain restrictive, once the virus subsides.

In America, the first Pastor was arrested last week for holding a Church service on a Sunday, despite putting ‘distancing’ measures in places and ensuring hand sanitiser and other measures were met. Pastor Rodney-Howard Browne was arrested in Tampa, Florida, but has since been released on bail, according to The Sun.

To what end are these laws implemented? Can we, in fact, justify the means to the end? And – will they actually achieve our goal of stopping the spread of COVID-19?

As Jonathan Sumption has observed in The Times recently, there is a difference between law and official instructions; noting that the growing power of the state is actually due to popular opinion, which is driven by fear. So, if we are driving the State to restrict our freedoms and rights in the name of a false sense of ‘safety’ which is ultimately driven by our fears, let’s get back to ground zero, and look at this virus for what it really is.

Plagues, viruses and diseases have come and gone in history, and the human race has essentially, with new medication and with time: overcome them all, but it is important to look at their source and origin. Dr Thomas Cowan, among others, has provided evidence that the Spanish Flu in 1918 coincided with the introduction of radar equipment installation.

This may be the evidence we have been overlooking.

The Spanish flu was first identified in the United States in military personnel in the spring of 1918, and it is estimated that about 500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with the virus within the next two years. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide, with about 675,000 occurring in the United States, according to the CDC.

In a similar fashion, the 1968 pandemic, referred to as the Hong Kong flu coincided with the introduction of satellites in the Van Allen Belt, omitting radio-active frequencies on levels which our bodies have adverse reactions to. The estimated number of deaths as a result of the Hong Kong flu was 1 million people worldwide and about 100,000 people in the United States, with most recorded deaths of people 65 years and older, according to the CDC.

There is a current global roll-out of 5G towers and technology. So, based on historical, scientific and expert evidence, we have to ask: is there a correlation between the current roll-out of 5G technology and COVID-19?

It has recently been reported that over 180 scientists and doctors in almost 40 countries are warning the world about 5G health risks, citing their responses to “Resolution 1815 of the Council of Europe” as evidence of their reluctance. They write: “We, the undersigned scientists, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. 5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF)… and has been proven to be harmful to humans and the environment.” Plants around the 5G towers are dying, birds are falling dead out of the sky, and it is causing daily nose bleeds for those living next to the new towers. Surely, this environmental impact is enough as evidence to call for further independent funded studies into the risks of 5G technology globally?

In fact, this undeniable correlation leads us to ground zero: China was reportedly the first country to have more than 100 000 5G towers, with Wuhan being the first to contract the new coronavirus. It has been claimed that Wuhan was the first city to introduce blanketed 5G, and it has been reported that over 180 cities in Italy have passed Halt 5G Resolutions, with the USA and Spain also part of the recent roll-out.

So, how is 5G technology linked to COVID-19?

The fact is: humans are made up of vibrations, and an interference with our molecular structure by outside environmental forces such as radio waves, satellite signalling or electromagnetic fields that are introduced to our biological system poisons it, killing our DNA or damaging its functionality and ability to regenerate. The radiation that is emitted into the airwaves is attacking our immune system and our neurone functioning, leading to the most vulnerable in our communities such as the elderly, the young and those with pre-existing medical conditions more susceptible to air-borne viruses.

This stealth-enemy is killing people globally – this is a humanitarian crisis on global proportions.

Slovenia has actually halted the introduction of 5G while officials take more time to investigate the health effects of the new technology. A letter from Minister Rudi Medved states they will reopen the debate on potential health risks. It was recently reported that several cities in the USA have passed protective ordinances to restrict 5G in neighbourhoods and municipalities worldwide are slowing and halting the 5G rollout because of published research showing harm from wireless radiation. In Hong Kong, 5G towers are being dismantled almost as quickly as they are being built up. In Western Australia, while we are in self-isolation, 5G towers are being rolled out, against our knowledge  – despite the known under-reported health risks.

There are other fundamental questions we need to raise in the public fora, such as: what was the premeditative nature of this ‘coincidence’?

For example, why have the roll-out of 5G technology coincided with the release of the COVID-19 virus, in the same city of origin, and who owns the patent [US 10,130,701 B2 Nov 20, 2018, Bickerton et al. The Pirbright Institute] to the Coronavirus, and how will it be used or exploited? And what about the vaccine? How accessible is the vaccine for the common person, and are these scenarios going to propel the economy into a widening of the rich and the poor?

Another question: why did the Rockefeller Foundation prepare a Report in 2010 detailing a recommended response to a global coronavirus pandemic? The Rockefeller Foundation not only predicted the coronavirus pandemic in 2010 in their Global Business Network Report titled: Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, but they also made recommendations for measures we are witnessing being implemented right now, including shutting down of all public gatherings, including those of music, sports, religious and community nature.

The solution of a one-world order has emerged as the most common-sense approach to this global pandemic, pushed by several ‘world leaders, including the World Economic Forum.

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, in particular, has called for a One World Government as a response to the Corona Virus Pandemic that is only taking the lives of about 1-2% of people who contract the virus, in contrast to the high death toll of thousands killed every day during the Spanish flu at the turn of the last century.

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is a part of ‘The Institute’, which was set up during the Ebola crisis recently noted on a live video announcement that the Institute has been repositioned and reorganised to help governments.

Blair states in his video that in this ‘extraordinary unprecedented challenge which I have never known before, leadership has never before been more necessary and leading has never been more difficult’ and that the Institute is ‘first of all supporting governments in how they organise themselves, which requires all the normal rules of bureaucracy to be set aside … to organise a government in a completely new and different way, for greater efficiency and for greater effect … secondly, [the Institute is] working on best-practice policy solutions around the world and on sourcing vital equipment where we can, thirdly working on tech innovations that can help track the disease more effectively and better identify the hot spots in order to better fight the disease and finally to find the right type of community organisations to help re-start the economy. So, we at The Institute and our 250 global staff are ready to do whatever we can.’

Tony Blair makes it clear that the Institute has positioned themselves to set up a temporary One World Government as a response to COVID-19. Doesn’t that sound like more control to you? Let’s not allow our fears to compromise on our freedoms. If we allow these unelected officials to make governance decision on our behalf globally, we have no control over their removal.

How can we ensure that the proposed new systems of global control through One World Order or Agenda 21 does not continue after the pandemic breaks? Once we have relinquished control, it will be much harder to regain it. Fear is a powerful driver, particularly if I tell you that your family is under threat. Let’s not momentarily give away our power to our political voice, to our freedoms and rights, just because of our momentary fear.

Studies cited in recent reports that more than 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions, according to a study by the country’s national health authority. Here at home, as of 29th March 2020, Australia’s lockdown measures have halved the rate of coronavirus infections in the past week. Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrisson said that the rate was 25-30% a day, but slowed to about 13-15% in the past few days. Given the slowing down of the virus, the low numbers of deaths, should we be quarantining our economy at the same time? A nation needs a strong economy in order to support the health system required to take care of the ailing, fragile and weak.

The pandemic has already disrupted global economies, resulting in sever job-losses and hit business supply chains, with disproportionate demand for certain products, and the drop in demand for others. The global dependence on China to manufacture our products has been exposed on a global scale, and the stock exchange was suspended and crashed many times.

This pandemic has exposed our fragile international markets and the global economy. We have an opportunity today to realign and redesign our economic, political and trade priorities, to innovate self-sufficiency and sustainability, and to once again prefer to support small family businesses, entrepreneurialism and small government – without the compromise of international interference.

I totally agree with Peta Credlin in her statements about Australia’s ongoing reliance on China’s poor quality manufacturing in the name of free trade: if there’s one thing that this pandemic has taught us, it is that when the chips are down, it is every country for itself. This crisis should wake up our parliamentarians, business people and industries to prefer local produce and products – we need to do better at giving back into the Australian economy! We need a nation-wide plan to boost job production, given not only the pandemic, but also the number of jobs we have sent offshore.

This coronavirus pandemic has not just taught us better physical hygiene, but hopefully, it has exposed our current recent foul economic compromise – we have exchanged our autonomy and our freedoms for the short-term gain of money, and I hope this crisis has forced our hand to practice cleaner economic principles, which will not compromise our state sovereignty in the future.

The jury is still out: how can we hold China, and indeed the World Health Organisation to account for this global humanitarian and economic crisis that they are profiteering off? Should China be made to pay reparations for the outbreak of the coronavirus, but given they are unlikely to do so; “maybe (Australia) can take back the land that their foreign-owned corporations have as damages” says Nationals MP George Christensen.

During these uncertain times, we need to put our national interests first, including giving further considerations to our trade relations, our business deals, the roll-out of unsafe and unsecured technologies, and we need to start seriously giving preference to Australian-made produce, products and industries if we want to boost job-growth and protect our economy as well as upholding our freedoms and liberties for the future of all Australians!

Now, more than ever before, we need to stick together.

[1] Andrea Tokaji is a Lecturer in Business and Law at Sheridan, Perth, is a trained international human rights lawyer, a human rights advocate, a parliamentary lobbyist currently completing her PhD in slavery in Business supply chains at NDU, and runs a Consulting firm in Human Rights in Business Practices Andrea was the Founder and CEO of Fighting for Justice Foundation, an anti-slavery NFP advocacy lobbying organisation dedicated to disrupting human trafficking within a preventative model after working for the Government as a lawyer, and the UN in a humanitarian capacity.

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