Orwellian Nightmare Ahead for Australians

“On George Orwell’s birthday, the Australian federal government declared it would trample over freedom of speech by giving a government agency new powers to combat what it deems as ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ online.”

George Orwell would have turned 120 last Sunday. He wrote the famous novel 1984 in which a totalitarian government determines what “facts” are allowed to be believed via its Ministry of Truth.

Bizarrely, last Sunday was the day the Albanese Labor Government announced it would be setting up its own Ministry of Truth, here in Australia.

That’s right! On George Orwell’s birthday, the federal government declared it would trample over freedom of speech by giving a government agency new powers to combat what it deems as ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ online.

Stop Labor’s anti-free speech laws! Sign the petition today.

The question is who gets to determine what is misinformation or disinformation and what is the truth?

The past few years have shown us that many things declared as “fake news” one day end up being proven truthful several months down the track.

The Albanese Labor Government haven’t said how they will determine what they believe to be false or not, but they have said that they will target anything that they think is:

hateful against the LGBTIQ community;
disruptive to society;
harmful to democracy;
harmful to the environment; or
harmful to the economy.

All of this is extremely subjective and open to someone’s interpretation.

The proposed law will cover social media platforms, search engines, news aggregators, web forums, video platforms like YouTube and podcasting platforms. Just about everything on the internet is in the firing line of this new Australian ‘Ministry of Truth’!

Fight this attack on free speech by signing the petition.

Currently, the proposed law and powers are in the draft stage and the government is seeking feedback on them.

We must grab this opportunity to defend free speech and tell the government we don’t want them regulating what we can and can’t say online.

If we remain silent now then, in the not-too-distant future, silence is all that might be left for people who uphold the values of faith, freedom and family in Australia.

Tell the government to get its hands off our right to free speech today! Sign the petition.

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