WATCH: Woke male hosts of The Project crack jokes about female guest’s “boobies”

The Project is copping it on social media today after filming a “cringeworthy” interview with Pussycat Dolls’ lead singer Nicole Scherzinger.

During the awkward exchange, which was aired on Wednesday night, host Waleed Aly asked Scherzinger of she ever fights backstage with other female performers “over who wore the best crop tops and low rise jeans?”

“No,” Scherzinger replied, before Waleed uncomfortably said, “I will move on.”

Waleed and co-host Tommy Little then cracked jokes about mistaking the lyric “groupies” for “boobies.”

“Until ten minutes ago, I thought the last line of that chorus was, ‘I want to have boobies.'”

“It’s groupies,” Nicole said. “But a lot of the fans think we’re saying boobies.”

“I thought it was weird,” Little said, “because Waleed just walked into the office this morning and goes, ‘I’m going to ask Nicole if she’s grown up and got her boobies.'”

“I don’t know. Have I?” Nicole responded.

Viewers took to social media today to express their opinions over the episode.

“Nicole Scherzinger was just subjected to one of the most reductive interviews I’ve ever seen on The Project,” one commenter said.

“For a show that claims to be woke, they clearly need to be educated,” another replied. “Nicole was so brave in this interview whilst the BOYS of the show completely mocked her. You should never criticise a woman’s sexuality or display of confidence! The project is #cancelled.”

“Sexist questions by the panellists,” another said. “The three guys acted like high-school boys who couldn’t help themselves. Yuck!”


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