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Woman says, Muslims suffer great misery in Australia; calls Muslims to reestablish a Caliphate

A Muslim woman has appeared in a Facebook video, lamenting the “great misery” Muslims suffer by living in Australia. In the 4-minute clip, the woman explains, “I’m living in a deadly, and catastrophic, man-made system called Capitalism, which oppresses humanity across the world… It is completely and utterly responsible for causing great misery and suffering… for people, such as myself, living in Western countries, like Australia.”

Now, you’d think, if somebody didn’t like where they lived, they might easily pack up and move to their preferred location. Well, that’s not an option for this woman. She doesn’t want to change countries. She wants to change the country by rallying Muslims to reestablish a Caliphate (Islamic State).

The woman, who was born and raised in Australia, goes on to explain, that it is the “obligation of each and every Muslim to work, to help reestablish [the Caliphate]… And performing this duty is like any of the other duties prescribed by Allah… upon the Muslims and it is an urgent obligation upon which there can be no choice or complacency. Negligence in performing this duty is one of the greatest sins for which Allah punishes severely… No Muslim on the face of this earth has an excuse to abandon the duty of establishing the deen [creed/religion] which Allah has ordered, that is establishment of a Caliphate for Muslims…”

It’s important for Australians to understand that the goal of multiculturalism is diversity in harmony. But that end will never be achieved, not unless all parties share that same goal. Sadly, they don’t. And that’s a fact that many in the West choose to ignore.

The truth is, Islam is fundamentally incompatible with the idea of multiculturalism. Why? Because, unlike the cultural-relativists in the West, the Muslim believes Islamic law and culture is objectively superior to all others. If we want multiculturalism to work, we must ensure all parties involved share the same goal. Islam does not.

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