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“Not all refugees are terrorists, but most terrorists are refugees”

In Miranda Devine’s latest piece, she argues, “It is time for honesty about the source of the terrorist threat in this country, and the make-up of our refugee intake. There are plenty of Christian and Yazidi refugees in the world to help, without offering to share our home with people who want to kill us.”

Mark Steyn made a similar call in response to the recent attack in Melbourne, stating, “Instead of attempting to ring-fence every potential target – i.e., everything and everyone – with Diversity Bollards, we could try installing bollards where they matter – around the civilized world.”

Devine explains:

Obviously the majority of Muslims in Australia are not terrorists, but the majority of terrorists are Muslims. Equally, the majority of refugees are not terrorists but the majority of terrorist ­attacks carried out in Australia have been by refugees…

Here’s the real issue: The goal of multiculturalism may be “diversity in harmony,” but that end will never be achieved, not unless all parties share the same goal. Sadly, they don’t. And that’s a fact that many in the West choose to ignore. The truth is, Islam is fundamentally incompatible with the idea of multiculturalism. Why? Because, unlike the cultural-relativist in the West, the Muslim believes Islamic culture is objectively superior to all others. What does Islamic culture look like?

The Pew Research Center found, 88% of Muslims in Egypt; 62% in Pakistan; 86% in Jordan and 51% in Nigeria, believe Muslim apostates should be executed. Similar numbers are in favour of stoning adulterers, enforcing severe blasphemy laws, and cutting off the hands of thieves.

According to Hussein Aboubakr at PragerU:

All of these practices are part of the penal code of Islamic law known as Sharia. And 84% of Muslims in South Asia; 77% in Southeast Asia; 74% in the Middle East and North Africa; and 64% in Sub-Saharan Africa support Sharia as the law of the land. Less drastic, yet significant, percentages are to be found even among Muslim communities in the West.

If we want multiculturalism to work, we must ensure all parties share the same goal. The fact of the matter is, while all peoples are equal, all cultures are not. That is why the East is flowing into the West, not the West, to the East.

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