Can America Change Course Before It’s Too Late?

America – the land of the free – is quickly falling into a degradative state that Germany knows well.

America – the land of the free – is quickly falling into a state of degradation that Germany knows well. There is a cruel irony in comparing a once shining bastion of liberty to the country that would later be defeated by the same nation falling prey to similar poisons. Yet it is the situation many Americans find themselves faced with, a situation that must be contrasted against that of its Eastern predecessor.

Germany was once considered to be a gem of Europe. It boasted a rich cultural and high-end government. Built on the backs of a flourishing agricultural society, the Frank-based nation maintained a status as a pillar of Europe. That is until their Great Depression struck. The country took a severe hit, suffering under a growing debt, crippling unemployment rates, and more.

Those who continued to thrive – many of Jewish heritage – found themselves the target of resentment fueled by a racial divide that a young Hitler (and other elites) stoked. Neighbors suddenly became enemies as they were encouraged to report the misconduct of their neighbors, as if they were suddenly the overseers of their fellow man’s actions. The country, whether they knew it or not, was veering towards inevitable conflict.

It might seem ludicrous to compare this dramatic, problem-riddled Germany (now known more for its mass genocide than any natural beauty or dignity) to the United States of America, but take a closer look and you will observe eery parallels. Racial tensions are once more at an all-time high, with most of the blame placed squarely on the purportedly well-endowed: the white “race”.

You may argue that they are hardly victims of such vehement hate, but one need only look at today’s headlines to see that occasions of racial violence and/or hatred towards whites are on the rise. Take for instance the white motorcyclist killed in Wisconsin due solely to his race.

According to his murderer, only “white racists” drive Harleys. Or take the store in Georgia that charged white patrons a fee not applied to customers of color. Many on the Left would claim such actions to be simply tit-for-tat. As one post on Twitter outrageously postured “let’s shove big black c***s down white women’s throats, make their husbands film it, and make children watch. It’s their turn to be traumatized”.

No one is denying the trauma of the past – but it is most certainly in the past. Individual racism must be combatted as it arises and not laid at the feet of white people who are not guilty of anything more than being born of Euro-ethnic descent. Americans of all colors deserve better than petty politics that read closer to playground fights.

If this divide isn’t enough to prove the parallel of hatred towards “white oppressors” to the hatred turned towards the seemingly well-endowed Jewish, the pandemic has encouraged neighbors to become the moral arbiters for their neighbors at the same time it has decimated the once-thriving US economy.

As the United States continues to sink into debt, the government promises to be the way out, riding on a wave of black nationalistic pride, loathing for American values, and a perceived idea of a socialist utopia. Eugenics, under the label of Planned Parenthood, is at a higher rate than even Aryan-promoting Hitler could have pictured.

But of course, most of America’s problems can simply be chalked up to Trump voters and white people who are “potential humans – they haven’t quite evolved yet” (Louis Farrakhan). What is the conclusion then? Germany stood so certain in its reform, unaware of the rocky precipice it teetered on.

The ensuing fall would take almost an entire half a century to recover from. To this day, an entire nation and people are still associated with one of the greatest tragedies in human history. The challenge posed to modern America lies in our ability and desire to change the direction of society – before it is too late.

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