The Boil on the Backside of the British Parliament Isn’t Suella Braverman

“From declaring that multiculturalism had failed, to rejecting open borders, and opposing the LGBTQ+ takeover of law enforcement, Braverman is every bit a Margaret Thatcher.”

There’s a boil on the backside of the British parliament, and it isn’t Suella Braverman.

The U.K. Home Secretary was fired this week because she’s been bold enough to say what the average discerning voter in the West is thinking.

British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunik, sidelined Suella in what she was labelled a catastrophic failure to carry out the will of the people.

Addressing the P.M. in a scathing three-page letter, Braverman inferred that by backstabbing her, Sunik had betrayed British people.

“As you know, I accepted your offer to serve as home secretary in October 2022 on certain conditions,” Braverman protested.

“Despite you having been rejected [for the office] I agreed to support you because of the firm assurances you gave me on key policy priorities.”

Those key policies, Braverman added, were:

  1. Reduce legal immigration.
  2. Stop illegal immigration, by stopping the boats, and freeing Britain from being weighed down by the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).’
  3. Deliver BREXIT’s Northern Ireland Protocol, and remove EU laws via The Retained EU Law reform bill (2022).
  4. Protect biological sex, safeguard single-sex spaces, and empower parents to know what is being taught to their children.

“I trusted you,” she wrote, adding, “It is generally agreed that my support [for your candidacy as Prime Minister] was a pivotal factor in winning the leadership contest and thus enabling you to become prime minister.”

Sunik has shown he has ‘no appetite for doing what is necessary, in fulfilling the pledge he made to the British people,” she said.  

Braverman then described his leadership as “uncertain, weak, and lacking in the qualities of leadership that this country needs.”

“These are not just pet interests of mine,” Braverman said.

“They are what we promised the British people in our 2019 manifesto which led to a landslide victory.”

“They,” she explained, “are what people voted for in the 2016 Brexit referendum.”

In the letter posted to X, now seen by over 22.9 million people in less than 24hr, Braverman also condemned Sunik for refusing to listen, or even work with her.

To which she added, “It is a privilege to serve and one we should not take for granted. Service requires bravery and thinking of the common good. It is not about occupying the office as an end in itself.

“Someone needs to be honest: your plan is not working…”

As I recounted for Caldron Pool, and The Spectator Australia, in early October, Braverman isn’t the biggest threat to compassion, social cohesion, and the nation-state, her dishonest critics are.

Her speech delivered at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) had all the earmarks of a leader with her ear to the ground.

Braverman encouraged responsible borders, sustainable immigration, defended Britain and the nation-state.

For this, Braverman drew the ire of the United Nations, who ominously said, it had “taken note of her speech.”

They then played the LGBTQ+ card, which attracted a joint statement of rebuke from Elton John, and his AIDS foundation, saying, “we are very concerned.”

Their beef was with Braverman’s belief that identifying as “LGBTQ+” shouldn’t mean instant British citizenship for illegal immigrants (paraphrased).

From declaring that multiculturalism had failed, to rejecting open borders, and opposing the LGBTQ+ takeover of law enforcement, Braverman is every bit a Margaret Thatcher.

She is therefore everything the World Economic (WEF) Fourth Reich is not.

SB 4 PM!

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