Governor Ron DeSantis’ Family Photos Used by Leftists to Push False MIA Narrative

“Ignoring context, and recklessly inflating the Governor’s schedule in order to paint him as going AWOL during COVID-19, proves yet again that Leftists are about politics and power, not people.”

Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, has faced another round of farcical accusations.

Leftist group PatriotTakes criticised the governor for how his family photos were used in social media posts marking the Christmas and New Year season.

The Daily Wire picked up on the petty nonsense recounting PatriotTakes’ attack on DeSantis and responses to it.

Posting screenshots of the DeSantis family photos to Twitter, PatriotTakes inferred that the photos proved DeSantis had abandoned his post in an emergency.

The big scandal?

“DeSantis’ family wore the exact same clothes in both their Christmas and New Year Instagram posts.”

The apparent point of the post was to try and hype up the false narrative that DeSantis had gone missing in action during a surge in Omicron COVID-19 cases.

This was backed by a follow-up tweet from the organisation claiming DeSantis was MIA.

“After posting two-week-old photos while Ron DeSantis was MIA, we have now discovered that DeSantis has been recycling the same family shoot photos for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. DeSantis is a phony.”

DW’s Amanda Prestigiacomo rightly called the scandal a “dud,” while many others mocked the alleged “we got him” moment.

DeSantis’ lighter New Year schedule is easily explained. He has been ‘accompanying his wife Casey DeSantis to her cancer treatment, after a breast cancer diagnosis in October 2021.’

Ignoring context, and recklessly inflating the Governor’s schedule in order to paint him as going AWOL during COVID-19, proves yet again that Leftists are about politics and power, not people.

PT’s careless accusations are part of a wider pattern of coordinated hate thrown at the potential 2024 Republican Presidential candidate.

A fusion of bewilderment over, and criticism of the Governor’s resistance to lockdowns, lockouts and general power-hungry bureaucratic lunacy appears in almost every corner of legacy media.

Bitterness over his, and Florida’s success, at preserving life and liberty against all violent variants of CCP-19, be it the virus or bureaucrats, binds their enmity.

The LA Times exemplified this when in March 2021, the Times mocked DeSantis, accusing him of having “magic fingers,” and of playing the “victim of anti-conservative coverage,” while the LA Times themselves magically played with figures to sugarcoat the actions of petty tyrants in Democrat-run California.

Their article has aged about as well as PatriotTakes’ phony accusations will.

PT is run anonymously and has no real claim to fame outside milking the remnants of four years of “hate Trump because love trumps hate” cognitive dissonance.

The far-left organisation’s stated aim is to “expose Right-wing extremism.”

The group appears to read “right-wing extremism” into any activity, conversation or social media post that doesn’t conform to the leftist ideological paradigm.

PatriotTakes seems to be what Kaitlyn Tiffany’s slightly sympathetic August 2021 expose in The Atlantic described: another opportunistic player indifferent to context, looking to cash in on the anti-Trump, anti-America “attention economy.”

In essence, PatriotTakes comes off as another, curiously well-funded, run of the mill leftist organisation trolling anyone they see as a threat to the hegemonic power of their cultural Marxist overlords.

From DeSantis’ freedom focused resistance to Biden issuing anti-freedom mandates from his throne in the White House, to his calm and plainly spoken press conferences, to his recent Christmas message, it isn’t difficult to see why Marx’s anti-everything, rabid “revolutionaries” hate him.

DeSantis is no petty tyrant.

The far-left mobilising against him is a taste of things to come.

This tactless new stunt suggests that PatriotTakes is nothing more than a sleazy name-dropper, hoping to squeeze a few more dollars out of those poor deluded souls who still believe big tech, big media and big government’s four years of false claims attempting to equate Trump with Hitler.

As DeSantis stated today, “You can’t let hysteria undercut the normal functioning of society.”

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