How good is it to be an Aussie?

In the midst of social lockdown, I have started to take stock of just how fortunate I am to live in a country like Australia. After all, as a nation, we’ve had…

  • Twenty-eight years of uninterrupted economic growth.
  • A government that is so generous with its welfare payments that it borders on socialism.
  • A world-class health system that would make most other countries green with envy.
  • A police force largely characterised by professionalism and integrity.
  • An essentially stable government, especially if you exclude the veritable revolving door of Prime Ministers.
  • A part from a few drongos in Bondi and Manly, a general population that has conscientiously adhered to the social distancing guidelines as outlined by the chief medical advisors.
  • And one of the lowest incidents of death related in COVID-19 in Western civilisation.

Following on from that last point, while every single one of the thirty COVID-19 related deaths in Australia is tragic, it’s pertinent to keep in mind the large picture. As the following chart shows—at this stage at least—the death rate for COVID-19 is not only extremely low, but in comparison to the other major causes on death, it is almost negligible.

Once again, that is not to downplay the hardship or suffering of any individual, especially the 5,388 confirmed cases of COVID-19 which Australia currently has. It’s simply to say how grateful we all should be, to be living in a country such as Australia at this present time.

What’s more, that we should also address the even greater causes of death which act as a scourge on our population. So, yes let’s keep our fellow citizen’s healthy and safe by not doing things that could spread the virus. But let’s not also forget that there are all kinds of other health issues—suicide, cancer, road accidents and abortion—that we must not overlook as well.

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