The Bamas’ Big Backflip on Barack’s Big Birthday Bash

Getting vaccinated, “so you can all get out of this mess!” won’t end bureaucratic abuse.

Obama’s 60th big birthday bash has been scaled back. The party’s off. 

The 44th President of the United States toned down the plans for a 475 plus A-list event after allegedly reassessing the COVID climate.

According to The Hill, the reversal was due to a “reflection on an evolving situation that began when there was more optimism around the trajectory of the pandemic.”

The New York Times broke the news as many were just learning of the planned event.

Barack’s big backflip on the big birthday bash also coincided with widespread criticism.

Critics from the left and right, who must have missed the loaded lefty Lollapalooza mince grinder, labelled it a “super spreader.”

Among the white privileged Judas’ betraying Obama-is-lord was Piers Morgan. The “fully vaccinated” former CNN host was upset that vaccinated people were invited.

In a diatribe for the Daily Mail, he tore into Obama for giving off ‘bad optics’ and for giving COVaxx hesitant people an excuse.

(It needs to be said that Morgan seems unaware of how his own comments, and testimony, contribute to reasons for applying more discernment to COVaxx decision making.)

Morgan, who is a pro-COVaxx advocate, explained that being vaccinated doesn’t stop people from spreading or getting COVID.

Even the Communist regime in China weighed in. Propaganda arm, The Global Times, published an article accusing the former president of “hypocrisy” and of having a “neglect for life and human rights.”

Hilarious and hypocritical, but the ends justify the means right, comrade?

In addition, GT gloated about partisan division, and gave a smug shout out to how the pandemic [that-originated-in-CHY-NA] has divided a “once shining city on a hill.”

Rolling Stone said, Bazza Obamms was appreciative of the Birthday wishes, but “decided to significantly scale back the event to include only family and close friends.”

This is despite people being vaccinated, and careful planning which included a “coronavirus coordinator.”

Concerned supporters shouldn’t just lament Barack not being allowed to have his rich friends over for his birthday.

Spare a thought for the 200 servants who now have no job for the weekend. Along with the backyard band, said to be Pearl Jam.

The working class lost gigs. Most of whom are probably vaccinated against COVID, but are now out of work because the “safe and effective” vaccines aren’t – evidently – all that “safe and effective.”

Ergo, getting vaccinated to save your job, is no guarantee getting vaccinated will keep you employed.

Getting vaccinated, “SO YOU CAN ALL GET OUT OF THIS MESS!” won’t end bureaucratic abuse.

Barack didn’t cancel because of COVID, he cancelled because of his critics.

All lives matter.

So, let’s be the first to point out that the “cancel Obama’s birthday” COVID activists are proof that excessive COVID restrictions are an abysmal injustice.

Lockdowns are weaponised systemic oppression.

I stand by my previous comments and commend the former President for at least daring to stare down militant medical tyranny.

Even if, in the end, he capitulated to COVID cancel culture, in the way he capitulated America to Iran.

Obama’s big birthday bash may be cancelled, but may its example of resistance live on in our hearts.

Fight the fear.

Choose freedom over Faucism!

It’s time to call out the COVID cult and defund its fanatics!

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