Obama Puts on a 475+ A-List Birthday Bash While Biden Calls for Lockdowns

The Obamas are making a stand. Let’s support them in their resistance!

Although Barrack Obama was before my time at Caldron Pool I was once criticised for not writing anything about the former U.S. President.

Never let it be said I haven’t.

So here goes.

Obama is 60 today.

The auspicious occasion will be marked by an ‘outdoor party on the Obama family’s $12-million, 29-acre mansion in Martha’s Vineyard’, complete with a backyard band, 475+ A-listers, and an army of servants (about 200).

The Daily Wire added, Pearl Jam were alleged to be playing, but a spokesperson said they weren’t performing.

President Joe Biden won’t be attending.

Major letdown. Maybe Trump is still available?

Though the Wall Street Journal took pains to point out criticism from conservatives, it was Leftist, Piers Morgan who stood out as Obama’s biggest critic.

Morgan’s big problem appears to be that it’s not kosher to COVID propagandists. It sends the wrong message. He said the “optics were bad’ then labelled the birthday bash as a ‘super-spreader event.”

The Bama-birthday-bash also contradicts current White House resident Joe Biden’s hype about the Delta variant, undermines the push for another lockdown, and deflates Biden’s chances of using COVID casualties against ‘Freedom over Faucism’ political opponents in Florida and Texas.

The once CCN host tore into the party-on decision, writing: “Imagine for a moment that Donald Trump was throwing a massive birthday party for himself and 475 conservative friends in Martha’s Vineyard next weekend? What do you think the reaction would be?”

Of importance, Morgan refuted claims that gatherings were COVID-safe for those who’d been fully vaccinated.

Despite being “fully vaccinated, Morgan had caught COVID after attending the European Championships football tournament.”

He adds, “So did many others. In fact, I know of at least 15 people who were infected, all of whom were vaccinated.”

Morgan distanced himself from the wisdom of those practicing discernment in regards to COVaxx options.

His article in the Daily Mail also gave credit to the COVaxx for stopping COVID from making him seriously ill.

This is despite being infected after being fully vaccinated, and despite “feeling the worst he’d ever felt from an illness.”

Morgan called for the Obama’s to cancel the gig, accusing them of magnifying a double standard that will encourage ‘unvaccinated Americans’ to stay that way.

The cynical side of me wants to think: maybe Morgan wasn’t on the A-list?

Who knows? He never clarifies whether or not he’d have a different opinion if he’d received an invitation.

Additionally, Anthony Fauci has been unusually silent. There’s been no comment on, or criticism of Obama’s birthday bash, even though the White House weighed in and defended it.

CNN was cautious, but supportive, making special mention of the White House intervention; giving careful attention to the “high vaccination rate in Massachusetts,” while also citing a “large outbreak of COVID-19 among the vaccinated.”

CNN advised any COVaxxed A-lister to “mask up!” anyway.

According to USA Today’s special defence, the 60th will have CCP-19 protocols in place.

“All invitees will be required to follow CDC public health protocols, including a testing regimen managed by COVID coordinator. Negative tests will also need to be presented by all guests.”

This will include adherence to updated CDC guidelines “advising fully vaccinated individuals to wear masks indoors.”

Piers Morgan has overlooked how his own experience, and updated CDC advice negates the line: “The sooner we get more people vaccinated the better off we’re going to be.”

Israel is another example of bad optics.

The highly COVaxxed nation just approved new restrictions and is considering another lockdown.

The Jerusalem Post stated that masks will be mandatory, “government workplaces are to be cut by 50%, and the private sector is being encouraged to do the same.”

Any Israeli returning from overseas will have to quarantine regardless of vaccination status. (JP & Newsweek).

The point of order? COVID-era government overreach will not end with a COVaxxed nation.

Those who say “just get the jab, do your duty and get us out of this mess” are either oblivious to this fact, too ignorant to know better, or are advocating for government to control every part of our lives.

The Obamas are making a stand. Let’s support them in their resistance!

Let them celebrate an important milestone – on their multi-million-dollar ocean property – with their fellow, “ice caps gone, sea levels are gonna rise” peers!

Let the man enjoy his 60th!

Besides. Black Lives Matter supporters and protesters are apparently impervious to COVID-19.

On that note, happy birthday, Mr. President.

P.S.: Trump won!

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