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Kmart selling ‘must-have’ gay and lesbian dolls for children as young as THREE

Australian retailer Kmart is selling a ‘must-have’ family playset featuring gay and lesbian couples for children as young as THREE-years-old.

The “Family Playset” set includes a baby doll, a little girl doll, and two adult dolls. The adult dolls come in three varieties: a mother and a father, two homosexual dads, or two lesbian mothers.

The retailer described the “inclusive” family set as “suitable” for children as young as three and a “must-have for your little one’s fun pretend play sessions!”

Those who purchase the dolls online are not guaranteed which family set they’ll receive as “products are selected at random for online orders.”

Of course, kids — especially kids as young as three — care nothing about this sort of thing. Quite simply, this is adults attempting to further their ideology by desensitising young children to “alternative” relationships and unorthodox “family” structures. It’s an effort to redefine the norms for the next generation so that they’ll be more prone to move away from Christian definitions of sexuality, marriage, family — and ultimately, God.

But let’s not forget that many of the folks pushing these ideologies on children are in relationships that cannot produce children of their own. That means, for their ideology to survive, they’ll need to recruit our kids to their side. This is why there’s a relentless push on our kids from all angles, from toys to television and entertainment, and even the school classroom.

More than ever, parents need to ensure that they’re the primary influence in their children’s lives. As John Flavel once said: “If you neglect your children in the way of holiness, will the devil neglect to instruct them in the way of wickedness? No… if ground be uncultivated, weeds will spring.”

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