Team Deeming Takes on Canberra

“We are standing against a legal regime that’s going all around the world. It’s utterly destroying not just sex-based rights in law and culture. It is destroying every other democratic right since the Magna Carta.”

Nine Australian women fighting for free speech, and female-only spaces took their formal complaints to Canberra on Monday.

Officially kickstarted in June at Sydney’s parliament house, the “Why Can’t Women Talk About Sex?” protest included Sal Grover, Kirralie Smith, Moira Deeming, Katherine Deves, Louis Elliot, Jasmine Sussex, Angela Jones, Holly Lawford-Smith, and Dr. Jillian Spencer.

Each of these women are facing the consequences of bureaucrats legislating the weaponization of LGBTQ+ activism.

As recounted by Women’s Forum Australia:

Grover “is currently facing a human rights lawsuit for refusing to allow a man who identifies as a woman,” onto her women’s only app Giggle.

Smith, “faces two APVO applications and two vilification complaints” after being accused of “electronic harassment.”

Deeming was defamed as a Nazi, denied due process, and then exiled from the Victorian LNP after a Let Women Speak rally in Melbourne.

Deves, as an LNP candidate in the 2022 election is still being smeared as anti-LGBTQ for her opposition to males playing in female sports.

Elliot, a Hobart City Councillor, is being dragged through the courts for men cannot be women, and should not be allowed access to female-only spaces.

Sussex was fired from her job at the Australian Breastfeeding Association for refusing to use the term “birthing parent” instead of mother and refusing to help biological men breastfeed.

Jones is a women’s advocate doxed, threatened, and defamed for helping organise the “Let Women Speak” rally.

Dr. Lawford-Smith experiences heat from transactivists at Melbourne University for her critical views of transgenderism.

Dr. Spencer, “was suspended from Queensland’s Children’s Hospital after she questioned,” the “ally or enemy” meat-grinder approach to children who identify as having gender dysphoria.

Welcomed to Canberra by Alex Antic (LNP), these nine women were joined by Senator Jacinta Price (LNP), Senator Ralph Babet (UAP), Senator Claire Chandler (LNP), with apologies from Pauline Hanson (One Nation).

Jacinta Price declared the issue, “a human problem.”

“This is about protecting our children. Society today is not allowing the opportunity for everyday people to have a say in the decisions and determinations of our own children.

“On one hand we’re told we should follow the science, then when it comes to our children, to disregard science altogether,” Price added.

Price’s comments were supported by Binary director, Kirralie Smith, who said, “It would appear that women in Australia have less freedoms than males who appropriate female stereotypes.”

“When we say no to males in female spaces or sports, we face legal action. Threats, job-loss, ostracization, intimidation, or we’re simply ignored,” she argued.

“As we have been today by many of our elected representatives,” who failed to show up.

“Correctly sexing a male is not vilification. Identifying males in female sporting teams is not violence. Nor does it incite violence.”

“Very few politicians in this building have an appetite for truth. They and those who’ve come before them have legislated lies into law,” Smith continued.

For example, “a judge recently ruled in a case about a person exposing themselves, saying ‘her penis.’

“How are we supposed to get a fair hearing in a court that says, ‘her penis’?

“We’re not living in a free country right now.” Fear has compromised “freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom of thought,” Smith concluded.

Kirralie then doubled down, saying she will not “relent until our freedoms are reinstated. I will not be compelled to lie. Men cannot be women!”

Likewise, Moira Deeming was just as defiant, “we’ve been dragged through the mud, mistreated, bullied, defamed, and vilified.

“We’ve had the power of the state used against us unfairly and unjustly, but we’re all still standing.

“We are standing against a legal regime that’s going all around the world.

 “It’s utterly destroying not just sex-based rights in law and culture. It is destroying every other democratic right since the Magna Carta.”

To this Deeming added, no matter what they throw at us, “we will not stop. We are going to get our rights back, and we are going to protect our children.”

Trans Tribunals from around the world back Deeming’s assertions.

In the United Kingdom, U.K. teacher, Joshua Sutcliffe was ridiculed, and banned from teaching indefinitely for allegedly “misgendering” a student in 2017.

In New Zealand, an unnamed Christian teacher lost his livelihood for not complying with the LGBTQ+ forced speech.

He was dismissed for “serious misconduct, and accused of child abuse” for refusing to use a year 10 student’s “preferred pronoun.”

In Mexico, three politicians were convicted of “gender-based political violence” after criticising transgenderism online.

Rodrigo Ivan Cortes and Gabriel Quadri, along with Teresa Castell, were fined, then forced to apologise daily and have their names added to a registry for domestic violence offenders.

All this came after they protested a Christian-hating clown show where an LGBT activist turned politician – dressed as a Catholic Bishop – delivered a so-called “trans-rights” bill, aimed at penalising churches for hate speech.

Team Deeming taking on Canberra has a just cause.


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