Meet the Australian Women Standing Up For Free Speech and Female-Only Spaces

“Our society is legislating away the reality of biological sex, redefining women to include biological men; encoding legal fictions into law, and punishing those who refuse to comply.”

Some of Australia’s best emerging female leaders gathered in New South Wales on Thursday to formally protest the trans takeover of women’s spaces.

The high calibre demonstration of solidarity brought together nine diverse biological women, each of whom has taken up the battle for free speech, and female-only spaces.

Sal Grover, Kirralie Smith, Moira Deeming, Katherine Deves, Louis Elliot, Jasmine Sussex, Angela Jones, Holly Lawford-Smith, and Dr. Jillian Spencer, all spearheaded the event as keynote speakers.

Opposing the free speech marathon, LGBTQ+ forced speech activists rallied outside Sydney’s Parliament House, while a group of activists inside attempted to shut the forum down.

Crikey appeared none too pleased either.

The far-left magazine published a piece downplaying biological women’s concerns as “far-right, anti-trans rallying calls.”

Timing-wise, the piece insinuated that Smith, Deeming, Grover, Deves, and even elected representative, Pauline Hanson, should just shut their mouths.

Riding the “debate-is-hate” dismissal of dissent, Crikey’s writer – a male who identifies as a female – stated, there was no need for a trans debate because “trans” science was “settled.”

What does “settled” mean?

It means biological woman’s rights, vis a vis the right to freedom of speech, religion, and conscience, are not just anti-LGBTQ+ rights, they’re antiquated, and “anti-science.”

The author then claimed majority support for this view, quoted a 2020 survey, and alleged “two-thirds of Australians support ‘gender-affirming care’” (left-wing enforced AP-newspeak for irreversible transgender genital mutilation).

As well as “anti-discrimination trans protections” (or women erasing legislation).

Crikey’s trans activist concluded, “Nobody wants your transgender culture war,” ergo, transgender rights are here to stay.

Returning fire, lawyer, Katherine Deves, wrote, “We didn’t want this culture war either. Neither does anyone else, but when women were erased as a legal class, dissenters were punished, and the gender botherers came for our children, we would not be silent.”

The heat from haters didn’t sway the noteworthy nine from voicing their concerns during the Binary-backed event.

Headlined the “War on women, and sex-based rights,” the one-hour parliamentary forum asked, ‘Why Can’t Women Talk about Sex?

Speaking out against the weaponization of “hate speech and vilification laws,” Deves said, “We all need to join together and push back against it.

“My own experience galvanises me, and my resolve in maintaining a system of sex-based rights,’ she added.

We are united, “in the face of a society that is captured by a movement that is determined to erase [biological women] as a legal class.”

The needs to be stopped, Deves continued.

“Our society is legislating away the reality of biological sex, redefining women to include biological men; encoding legal fictions into law,” and punishing those who refuse to comply.

“The moment we favour gender identity rights over sex-based rights is the moment we deny the basis of human existence. Sex-based rights must have primacy!” she exclaimed.

Giggle owner, Sal Grover described, trans enabling self-ID laws as “authoritarian,” saying “no government” should dictate what people “think, see, and say.”

Right to slam self-ID legislation as forced speech laws, Grover said, she’d researched the subject at length, and contra to Crikey, found that the trans science wasn’t settled at all.

Men who identify as women are not women, she argued.

Describing the trans attempt to takeover Giggle – a women’s only space – Grover called the human rights complaint, “misogyny on steroids.”

This is like “psychological torture, every day I’m forced to feel like I’ve done something wrong, simply for acknowledging [biological] reality,” Grover shared.

As a case before the federal court the Grover’s accuser “wants to force her into attending gender, and sex [re]education. Alongside allowing all men who claim to be women onto the Giggle app.”

Newly elected, Hobart city councillor, Louise Elliot, who is under investigation by the Tasmanian anti-discrimination Commissioner “for hate speech and vilification,” said, “For me this is a first. I’m being called a bigot, a TERF, and a clown, for daring to speak up against” the trans invasion of women’s spaces.

Elliot told the forum, even politicians have “screamed, spat on” and defamed her, and other women for either attending, or hosting Let Women Speak events, and “stating facts.”

Binary director, Kirralie Smith, another woman held hostage by LGBTQ+ lawfare, spoke brazenly about how she, and women like her, will not be intimidated by “those who want to affirm lies.”

“Not one police officer, judge, politician, journalist, or medical practitioner can ever prove a male has become a female.

 “All they can do is appropriate stereotypes and use brute force, threats, or intimidation to try and force us to accept the lie.

“Regardless of how captured anyone else is, I will not bow down [before this] altar of lies. Truth matters.”

“Sex is binary – male and female,” she asserted.

Moira Deeming also spoke.

The exiled Liberal Party member, maligned, slandered, and denied due process, spoke briefly about her experiences.

Deeming recounted how opponents were quick to frame her as a neo-Nazi, after a small unaffiliated group of masked men hijacked a Let Women Speak peaceful protest, by performing a Nazi salute.

Instead of addressing the men responsible for disrupting the protest, legacy media, politicians, and the acronym activist army came after Deeming and other female protesters.

Notably, “no one in the media bothered to cover the violence directed at women on the day,” she explained.

The clash between women’s rights and the LGBTQ+ isn’t a storm in a teacup, it’s a “cultural and political crisis.”

Deeming stated, “We’re not going to let you smear us. We’re not going to let you silence us. We women have absolutely no intention on making it easy on you to destroy our rights.”

Angie Jones, one of the organisers of the Let Women Speak protest, defended its legitimacy.

Jones spoke about how she too was “defamed by the Victorian Liberal Party leader, for claiming she was associated with neo-Nazis.”

Damning the accusation as “ludicrous,” Jones said the Victorian Premier, legacy media, and opposition were guilty of inciting violence against her for gaslighting the pro-women’s rights rally as Nazism.

More testimonials of abuse were detailed by Dr. Holly Lawford Smith, and volunteer breastfeeding councillor, Jasmine Sussex.

Sussex was fired for refusing to use non-gender specific newspeak, such as: “parent instead of mother, human milk, and chest-feeding.”

Likewise, suspended Queensland child psychiatrist, Dr. Gillian Spencer, told the free speech forum, “It’s incredibly distressing to be forced into harming other people’s children, or otherwise face potential loss of career, livelihood, or to be cast out of the workplace, as has happened to me.”

Current gender “affirmation approaches (as opposed to the watch and wait method of treatment) have significant flaws, and don’t show sufficient benefit to outweigh the risks and the harms,” she explained.

Calling for a “federal inquiry into the public care for the treatment of gender dysphoria,” the Doctor said, “this is too important. I will not be silenced.”

Labor MP, Greg Donnelly, joined the nine women.

First saluting their contributions, Donnelly, said he was happy to be publicly associated with the women and the forum.

He chided the absence of his fellow Labor members, noted the presence of the LNP, and One Nation, then put on record the absence of the Greens and other minor parties.

Donnelly described politicians as afraid, and intimidated.

The “same strategies being used to shut these women up are being applied to members of parliament all around Australia.”

Acknowledging the testimonies presented, he gave a nod to the “fair go” uniqueness of Australian culture, while also describing the abuse against the nine as both “criminal” and “chilling.”

In agreement with Sal Grover, the NSW Labor MP used the words “authoritarian and totalitarian,” then spoke on the “sense of being duty bound to oppose it.”

Donnelly said, we have a “duty of care” to stand with Moira, Sal, Kirralie, and the rest, stating we must “resist, resist, resist.”

“There is no choice. We can’t stand by and allow this [forced speech, and forcing women to accept men in their spaces] to continue.”

The event was facilitated by Katherine Deves, and hosted by sitting NSW Liberal Democrat MP, John Ruddick.


Well done, ladies.

Free speech, not forced speech!

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