Good Grief, Now We Have a ‘Secretary for Men’s Behaviour’!

“The whole problem with identity politics as practiced by the left is that they always target the wrong groups. White, conservative, Christian males seem to ALWAYS be the problem – and no one else.”

Here in Victoria, there was a huge collective sigh of relief when Dictator Dan Andrews finally stepped down. Of course, he was immediately replaced by one of his own: Jacinta Allan. Thus the radical socialist left faction continues apace, pushing more woke weirdness on us hapless Victorians. And there is just no letup in this.

The latest outrage is the decision to create yet another highly questionable parliamentary role. I refer to the decision to have a Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behaviour Change. Yes, you read that right. Labor MP Tim Richardson has been given the job, and Ms Allan said this was needed to deal with violence against women:

“This is the first position of its kind in Australia – and will focus largely on the influence the internet and social media have on boys’ and men’s attitudes towards women and building respectful relationships.” Hmm, where have we heard that phrase before?

Oh yeah: recall the odious state-sponsored sexualisation of children in the program called “Safe Schools” which was later renamed “Building Respectful Relationships”. While this new role may not be about pushing radical sex ed on our kids and softening them up to the sexual revolutionaries’ agenda, it can be just as harmful.

It goes without saying that any actual violence toward and attacks on women – or men – is just not on. No one supports that. But we now know full well how the ideological left loonies in Labor view all these matters. “Toxic masculinity” is of course the main problem, and we need to work even further at the feminisation of men, and the erasure of manhood.

For decades now the left has been promoting the androgyny agenda, first fuelled by radical feminism. Now it is being pushed via the militant homosexual and trans agendas. It is part of a war on men, and something that can be good in itself – reducing domestic violence and the like – will just be further hijacked by the Left here.

And given that DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) is now all the rage, shouldn’t there also be another new role created? Where is our Parliamentary Secretary for Women’s Behaviour Change? Or is Labor convinced that there is no need for women to change any behaviours? Is there no abuse of men? Are no men killed by women?

Thankfully there has been a big pushback against all this. Consider for example the comments under a Daily Mail article on this. Most were scathing toward what Allan and her mates are trying to pull off here.

So many things can be mentioned about this. Labor here and around the country is of course fully in bed with the small but growing Muslim population, dependent on their votes, especially in western Sydney. Anyone who knows even a little bit about Islam knows that women are not exactly treated all that well. They really are in so many ways second-class citizens, certainly in Muslim-majority nations.

But even here they can have a rough go of things. So if Labor was serious about helping women, maybe they should stop the ongoing embrace of Islam, and start subjecting it to a bit of critical scrutiny. Those unaware of how women fare in Islam might take a look at a piece like this.

Moreover, the assumption that lies behind this new role is that all men are violent, abusive killers – or at least potentially so. Well yeah, in that sense all men are also faultless saints who can do no wrong. The potential for anyone to be anything is always there.

But the reality is, the overwhelming majority of men do NOT abuse their female partners or spouses. They do not mistreat them and at the worst, go on to murder them. Sure, SOME do – a quite small minority. But so too do some women with respect to their male partners.

And the irony and double standards continue here. The Labor Party is 110 per cent in favour of all things homosexual and trans. Women also suffer in both these arenas. As I carefully documented in my book Strained Relations, lesbian relationships can be quite violent and abusive, with many women suffering at the hands of their female partners. Here is just one quote from the book:

It appears that lesbian relationships also contain a high level of abuse. For example, one study found that a third of lesbians surveyed reported physical abuse from their lesbian partners. And a survey of over 1,000 lesbians found that “slightly more than half of the [lesbians] reported that they had been abused by a female lover/partner. The most frequently indicated forms of abuse were verbal/emotional/psychological abuse and combined physical-psychological abuse.”

And consider the new love of Labor’s life: the radical trans agenda. Talk about a war on women. I am sure Allan would be quite happy to see the trans activists given carte blanche in all their demands. Let men who think they are women compete in women’s sporting contests. Let such men into women’s prisons. And so on. Let’s see how all that is working out for women.

It is hard to take seriously a government that claims it cares about women when it supports such harmful ideological agendas that clearly are NOT for the benefit of women.

And once again, Labor has it all wrong when it comes to our main problems. Behaviours are the result of thoughts and attitudes. And the best place to ensure that healthy thoughts and attitudes can be developed and nurtured is in the home. Most parents will do right by their children, seeking to instil in them good values and proper respect for others.

If it is not learned while the child is in the home, then it will be much harder in later years for such folks to change. Governments are NOT the ones that should be dealing with this. Parents are. The intact two-parent home cemented by marriage is still the best place to properly socialise young people. But Labor also has not had a good track record of promoting and supporting marriage and family.

And then we have the indigenous community. Once again, it is all buddy-buddy between Labor and indigenous Australians. So why is Labor not talking about how women fare in so many of these communities, where the violence they face is at such high levels? As Sydney radio host Ben Fordham recently put it:

“And what about for Indigenous people? Indigenous women are 30 times more likely to be hospitalised due to family violence compared to non-indigenous women. Indigenous men, 23 times more likely to be hospitalized than non-Indigenous men. So what about a parliamentary secretary for Indigenous behaviour? Can you imagine?”

Yes quite right. The whole problem with identity politics as practiced by the left is that they always target the wrong groups. White, conservative, Christian males seem to ALWAYS be the problem – and no one else. By picking on one group while ignoring the others, they will do nothing to help achieve some social cohesion and unity in Australia. And they will do little to actually help women.

It should be pointed out that news of this daft Allan policy has gone viral overseas. As but one example, American conservative commentator Matt Walsh tweeted this about the new role created by her: “Australia now has an official government position for ‘men’s behavior change.’ Once again I must reiterate my proposal that Australia be immediately conquered and turned back into a penal colony.”

Yes, that might be something to think about – certainly starting with Victoria.

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