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WATCH: Excess Deaths Reported in 30 Countries

"Why is this not an issue for the media to address?"

Last week, former leader of the Australian Liberal Party and former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer tweeted two questions we’ve all been wondering:

“Why is Australia’s mortality rate 15% above their historic average according to the latest ABS data? Why is this not an issue for the media to address?”

Curious, indeed. To make matters worse, it’s a disturbing trend we’re now witnessing across a number of countries.

In the following video, Dr John Campbell, a retired Nurse Teacher and A&E nurse based in England, examines the data coming out of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Of course, it’s all a mystery at this point. “Experts” don’t know what the cause is, but they can confidently say there is “zero evidence” of any connection to that one thing they made everyone put into their bodies multiple times last year.