Jackie Trad Blames Others for Her Career Woes

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Jackie Trad is one of the most aggressive, personal politicians in the nation, not only behind the scenes and in the halls of power, but also in front of the camera and online. It’s odd then she is now complaining about feeling a little bruised by the gladiatorial nature in which she has played the game of professional politics.

In her first interview since resigning from her role as Deputy Premier, Treasurer and many other portfolios of power due to the latest integrity scandal involving her, she seems surprised to explain “her outspoken progressive views – including a successful push to reform abortion laws – made her the target of a “concerted campaign” by political opponents and media commentators in the state.

Well duh!

I can’t think of anyone who right-thinking people in Queensland want gone from Parliament more than the malicious character who brazenly led the charge to make killing preborn children easier and more common. Trad displayed zero consideration or compassion for the primary targets of the powerful abortion industry: defenceless, living, preborn humans; or for the women hurt by abortion decisions resulting from coercion and fear.

In one demonstration of her delight in making politics personal and vindictive, Trad gloated on Twitter, “Hey, @LyleShelton, QLD abortion law reform done and dusted  Time you toddled off to find another 21st Century progressive cause of equality and fairness to campaign against… and lose.

Her displays of triumphalism mixed with the specific kind of deceit which misrepresents voluntarily killing preborn babies as “equality and fairness” even when plainly confronted with its reality of barbaric cruelty, misogyny and domestic abuse placed her in the position she now complains of being bruising.

The baby-killing, emasculating, crushingly-censorious spirit is the same displayed by the pagan Queen Jezebel of Ancient Israel. Jezebel treated the King with contempt like Trad has treated Palaszczuk as Premier in name only. Jezebel persecuted the prophets of God who criticised her abuse of power and pagan idols like Trad forbade freedom of speech within 150m of Qld’s abortion clinics and assassinated the character of her agenda’s critics. While Jezebel was also known for her contempt of men, there is nothing so misandristic (man-hating) as a radical feminist.

There is no one to blame for Jackie’s political bruises other than the battle-hardened face staring back at her when she puts on her power make-up every morning. Yes, Jackie Trad, you have been targeted politically – of course. When you place yourself in brazen enmity to the families, women, men and children of a nation by seeking to revoke natural laws and replace them with the pagan permissiveness of child-sacrifice – we will replace you.

Pro-abortion policies cost Labor at least two seats and votes in many others in the 2019 federal election, and it will cost Jackie Trad her seat in the Qld Parliament this year.

We are conservatives. We are Christians. We are right-thinking citizens concerned not for ourselves, our pockets or convenience; but for the truth, liberty, peace and justice of our neighbours – and we vote.

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