Historian Slams Push for Mandatory COVID Vaccinations for Kids: “History Will Judge Us by What We Do Next”

History will judge society for what it’s willing to sacrifice on the altar of COVID.

History will judge society for what it’s willing to sacrifice on the altar of COVID.

In a video released by the United Kingdom’s GB News, Scottish historian, Neil Oliver, known for his BBC series, ‘A History of Scotland’, has passionately rejected mandatory COVID vaccinations for children.

The rebuttal followed England’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty’s predictions that COVexit plans may be hindered by newer cases of COVID.

COVexit plans by mid-July should be carefully understood, he asserted, because “as always, the large print giveth, the small print taketh away.”

Oliver called mandatory COVaxx vaccinations for children a “fork in the road for society.” Saying, “we will be judged and we should be judged as human beings by what we do next.”

“COVID-19 poses almost no threat at all to children,” he said, “if they do catch it, it’ll manifest itself in almost every case in symptoms almost indistinguishable from those of the common cold.”

He said, these COVID vaccines are not a typical vaccine.

They haven’t ‘gone through rigorous testing for many years before any syringe got near any human flesh’, stating,

“Never before in medical history has there been a proposal to vaccinate children against a disease that poses them no measurable harm. Add to this is the undeniable fact that these vaccines for COVID are experimental in that no data is available, concerning long term effects.”

Oliver argued:

“[an] 80-year-old approaching the end of life, and opting to take such a vaccine is one thing, since the perceived benefits in the short term might outweigh the risks over the long term. A 10-year-old at the start of life, a life in which decisions and actions taken in childhood might affect of compromise many decades of that life is another thing entirely.”

He called the mandatory COVaxx rationalising of protecting adults from the risk of infection, “grotesque.”

He then asked: “Are the adults of this country truly supporting the notion of standing behind a wall of safety built of our children and infants?”

Adding, “what sort of vaccines are these; what sort of disease is COVID-19, indeed, if people must be bribed to take their medicine?”

“A few years ago, had we heard about a pharmaceutical company bribing people to take a brand-new drug, I think I’m right in saying, there would have been an outcry of note, and legal actions aplenty.”

Also consider revelations that Big Media are being paid to promote the COVaxx Vaccines, and are incentivised to ignore or censor any negative news about them.

Neil Oliver’s speech supports the argument that heavy-handed COVID-19 responses and the COVexit, COVaxx only ‘remedy,’ are political, not medicinal.

The message being sold by health bureaucrats is “trust the government, not the doctors.”

This is a message reinforced by Big Tech with ad nauseum, party-line reassurances about “COVaccines” on every post mentioning the word.

Many would accept this without considering the bureaucratic health authority they’re appealing to.

The World Health Organisation worked on behalf of the Communist Chinese Government to cover-up the serious nature of the Wuhan Virus.

Early on in 2020, the WHO went full WOKE deciding that racism, and not COVID-19, was the real threat.

They were more concerned about the name of the virus – in other words more obsessed with being politically correct – than they were the actual nature of the virus.

Rather than investigate, and contain COVID-19, the WHO, joined by many on the Left, took to social media to fight a false narrative about racism instead.

Thus, revealing right from the start how the health bureaucracy’s response to, including a long list of denials about treatments for COVID-19 was, and is political, not medicinal.

These health bureaucrats censor, de-platform, and defame practising physicians, and yet are surprised when the population rejects their candy-coated sales pitch for a so-called inoculation.

I agree with Neil.

“A society,” he says, “that puts children in the frontline of protecting adults…is not a society worth saving. These vaccines are a choice for adults, take them or don’t, that’s the stuff of a private and personal choice in a free society, BUT LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE!”

The father of three’s reasoned, four-minute admonishment of ‘serious proposals’ to COVaxx children also bolster rational concerns about mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations in general.

This should rally us to reject, instead of inject, the COVID-cult groupthink pressuring society through a spirit of fear, not sober-mindedness, to accommodate a pagan-like offering of children, and hard-won liberties, as a sacrifice in order to redeem the failed, fanatical, wayward WOKE policies of adults.


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