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Peta Credlin destroys Kevin Rudd

Peta Credlin brutally destroys former Prime Minister of Australia and Labor politician, Kevin Rudd. Excerpt and video below:

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone, Liberal voter or not, who’d think your defeat of John Howard was anything other than a backward step for Australia. You inherited 50 billion in the bank. No net debt. And surplus budgets as far as the eye could see.

When you were turfed out of office in 2013 debt had ballooned to almost 300 billion. And that surplus you promised, year after year after year never turned up. An economic conservative? Give me a break!

But wait, there’s more. You panicked in the GFC and you sent $900 stimulus cheques to everyone, including overseas backpackers and dead people. You spent two billion dollars putting “free” insulation in rooves around the country, only for it to catch fire, burn down homes and tragically caused the deaths of four young men. And then you wasted another two billion dollars taking it out. You spent 16 billion on school halls, not teachers, not better education standards. Just overpriced new buildings so you and your MPs could run along an open them while our education results slipped below Kazakhstan.

You whacked Australia with a 20% renewables target which has set up the energy crisis we’re grappling with even today. There was cash for clunkers, there was fuel watch, there was grocery watch. There was your joke that was the 20/20 summit. There was your joke that was your treasurer, Wayne Swan. And above all, beyond a doubt, no one will ever forget 50 thousand illegal arrivals, almost one thousand boats, and at least one thousand men, women, and children, and that’s all and only what we know about, drowned at sea.

Quite frankly, Kevin Rudd, I could be here all night.

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