Fox Reporter Suspended After Exposing Media Cover-Up

“When even reporting on censorship and discussions about C19 treatments goes against social media’s community standards, Ivory Hecker’s accusations are brought into sharp focus.”

In an explosive journalistic move, Fox 26 reporter, Ivory Hecker has uncovered proof of legacy media vying for pushing a narrative, over against reporting the news.

Project Veritas released footage and an interview with Hecker, who explained that she was doing this for news consumers.

Hecker told James O’Keefe that “viewers are being deceived by a carefully crafted narrative in some stories.”

The now-suspended journalist asserted: “There’s an [unspoken] narrative…if you accidentally step outside the narrative if you don’t sense what that narrative is and go with it, there will be grave consequences for you.”

Hecker’s biggest “crime” was asking a medical professional about the success of Hydroxychloroquine, who responded positively to the question.

Hecker, who claimed to be aware of officially acknowledged studies surrounding HCQ, was then scolded by Fox 26 management who told her to ‘cease and desist’ any inquiries into the alleged anti-covid drug. Management can be heard telling the journalist, “In my opinion, you failed, as a reporter.”

Project Veritas added videos from undercover reporter showing Jennifer Bourgeois, Sales Coordinator for Fox26, “admitting on tape that the CDC [funding] is heavily influencing stations” which is said to heavily influence the way the organisation reports on health.

Bourgeois is seen telling those gathered that Vaccines are a potential moneymaker for Fox.” Alleging that “Fox gets paid for that [pushing vaccines]. As a viewer, you need to look at who is advertising on this TV station, and you’ve got to realize — surely that the TV station doesn’t want to hurt its advertisers.” 

Fox26 has denounced Hecker as “a disgruntled former employee seeking publicity by promoting a false narrative produced through selective editing and misrepresentation.”

To cement Hecker’s point, an article of mine discussing Bret Weinstein and Dr. Perrie Kory’s analysis of big business, censorship and Ivermectin, has since been blocked by Twitter.

A move which further confirms not only what Ivory Hecker is saying, but also the content, questions and conclusions I presented in the piece.

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It’s not hard math to figure out why there’s a coordinated effort by big tech, big government and big media, to censor and suppress anyone talking about alternatives to rushed vaccines.

Any medical treatment such as HCQ+Zinc or Ivermectin that works, is a direct threat to the dollars flowing in from Covid mania – bureaucrats and big business combined have a shared interest in protecting the official party-line.

This is evidenced by how most governments and nearly all organisations have no interest in reasoned discussions about the negative side effects of those vaccines, both short and long term.

Which in and of itself raises questions about the cost.

How many lives have been lost because medical opinions supported by impressive data, and experiences, are being censored, through a big tech backed bureaucratic iron fist, that punishes any and all who deviate from the official standards set out by compromised monolithic health bureaucracies like the WHO.  

As Bret Weinstein retorted in his response to Twitter’s suspension of Caldron Pool, “In order to protect the public health, dissent about public health policy must be censored. For that to work discussion of the censorship must also be censored. #followthescience”

When even reporting on censorship and discussions about C19 treatments goes against social media’s community standards, Ivory Hecker’s accusations are brought into sharp focus.

Hecker’s revelations demonstrate that an approved narrative exists and that there are financial incentives in place to protect and advance it.

In sum, protecting the vaccine isn’t about protecting people, it’s about protecting power.

Protecting the vaccine from people is about pushing politics, not applying medicine.

This all suggests that big media and big tech see themselves, not just as arbiters of truth, but as unquestioning enforcers of anti-civil liberty hegemonies that would make apparatchiks in the propaganda arms of the Nazi and Soviet hierarchies green with envy.

That’s not honest journalism, it’s intellectual servitude.

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