Deeming Labelled a ‘Terrorist’ in Second Attempt to Expel Her From the Victorian Liberal Party

“Going to a women’s rights rally brings down the Liberal Party, yet slandering biological women, as ‘Nazis,’ ‘extremists,’ and ‘terrorists,’ somehow doesn’t?”

Australia’s Victorian Liberal Party have escalated their Trans war on biological women labelling Liberal Party member, Moira Deeming, and her supporters “terrorists.”

Failed former leader, Matthew Guy, unilaterally upgraded Deeming’s domestic threat level from “Nazi,” to “Terrorist,” stating on May 4, “There’s a couple of terrorists within the parliamentary party who need to work out whether they want to sit with the parliamentary party or not.”

Further burying the troubled Victorian Liberal Party, Guy added, “We’re not going to allow [the current leader] John Pesutto, to be attacked.”

Pesutto’s ill-advised political persecution of Deeming began back in March.

The mother, wife, and teacher, became a target of slander after a pro-women’s rights protest was crashed by a small, uninvited, group of alleged Neo-Nazis.

Rather than ask the who, what, where or why? legacy media backed Victoria’s political elite and used the so-called neo-Nazis to garble the women’s protest intent and crucify her.

Shifting the narrative towards “white supremacism” enabled Victoria’s predominately leftist elite to suppress the voice of biological women protesting the Trans takeover of women’s spaces.

Denied due process, Deeming was publicly vilified by both her own party and Wokeshevists on the Left, as a “Nazi” and “right-wing extremist.”

To add insult to injury, on the basis of a notoriously unreliable Wikipedia entry, John Pesutto sought to expel Deeming.

The plot to do so was foiled. Deeming walked away from the party room meeting with a 9-month suspension instead.

Matthew Guy’s “terrorist” smears are the result of anger over Moira Deeming trying to hold John Pesutto accountable.

As part of Deeming’s suspension, Pesutto apparently agreed to issue a press release ‘exonerating Deeming from [the] false allegations regarding the rally’s [so-called] association with Nazis.’

He has so far failed to do so and refuses to engage in further mediation.

The Victorian Liberal leader leaves Deeming with no other choice than to take legal action in an attempt to clear the false accusations against her.

Quoting the contents of an email, the ABC recorded Deeming advising Pesutto,

“Given that the leadership did not make the statement of exoneration, or confirm my return, and that no mediation or even any minutes exist to settle this dispute, I have advised my lawyers to prepare a legal challenge over my suspension, because I believe we need to come together as colleagues and have a do-over meeting.”

Rather than listen to a woman, people-pleasing Pesutto will rid his kingdom of her.

Next week he will try to expel Deeming again for daring to ask him to honour the terms of their agreement.

The optics continue to go from bad to worse for the Liberal Party.

Going to a women’s rights rally brings down the Liberal Party, yet slandering biological women, as “Nazis,” “extremists,” and “terrorists,” somehow doesn’t?

Consider how the “You’re a terrorist. Your voice doesn’t count, bigots, because love is love” message reads to the vast majority of biological adult females concerned about Trans-activism.

Note how Binary Director Kirralie Smith has been mistreated for speaking out against Trans-activist male violence in female-only sports.

It seems as though the Liberal Party would rather shoot their own than take on the well-funded – and by all accounts fascist – Acronym Army.

Does any of this make sense?

In some ways it does.

The convert, pay a tax or die, LGBT cult regards people as either an ally or an enemy.

According to the Intersectionality rules of Woke Jihad, there is no neutrality.

John Pesutto playing Woke roulette by doubling down, instead of backing his team members, isn’t brave, nor heroic, it’s the blind leading the blind.

His self-serving sabotage of the Victorian Liberals should warrant his immediate dismissal.

The fact John Pesutto remains leader, despite the appalling nature of his words, deed, and attitude towards biological women’s rights, suggests he’s happy seeing the Victorian Liberal Party die a death by a thousand cuts.

The spectacle is sheer stupidity.

No great leader was ever well remembered for doing what was right in their own eyes.

Watching the Liberal Party trip head-over-turkey in its bandwagoning adoption of the Woke Mind Virus, surely has Victoria’s Woke Jihadis in the Labor Party falling over themselves with laughter.

I stand with Moira Deeming.

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