Video: Australians Protest Australian Police After a US Officer Killed a Black American, Chant ‘F*** the Police’

It’s been estimated that about 12,000 people gathered in Sydney on Saturday to take part in the Australian “Black Lives Matter” protest, after a Minnesota police officer in the United States, a country on the other side of the world, caused the death of a black American.

Protesters chanted “f**k the police” and “Too many coppers, not enough justice” as they rallied near Town Hall.

Anti-police rhetoric has dominated recent “Black Lives Matter” protests, with the abolition of law enforcement and prison high on the list of demands.

The Movement 4 Black Lives states first and foremost: “We are Abolitionists: We believe that prison, police, and all other institutions that inflict violence on Black people must be abolished…”

According to Nine News, police were forced to use capsicum spray on several protesters at Central station after a fight with police broke out. One teenager was arrested for allegedly assaulting a female police officer.

Jack Morphet of the Sunday Times shared footage from the rally, including the moment Channel Nine reporter Damian Ryan was chased off by protesters outside the station.

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