Disowned Son of Hamas: “Free-Palestine Protesters Are Clueless Keyboard Warriors”

“I don’t want somebody coming from London or somebody coming from the other side of the world to tell me what is the struggle of the Palestinian children.”

Christian Palestinian, and former Hamas royalty, Mosab Hasan Yousef has condemned Free-Palestine protesters, as clueless keyboard warriors.

The ‘Son of HAMAS’s counter-protest of “Free Palestine” protestors was powerful and impassioned.

He told Piers Morgan, “They’re just warriors on keyboard (sic). They’re just storming world capitals saying, ‘Free Palestine, free Palestine!’ They don’t know what the hell Palestine is!!

“I am Palestine, and I say is enough of Hamas!

“Enough of the corrupt leadership. They are killing our people; misleading them to hell,” he added.

Mosab Yousef, the son of HAMAS and Muslim Brotherhood founder, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, emphatically declared: “We don’t want a Palestinian State. I don’t want a Palestinian State.

“Palestinian children need education, they need security, they need life. This is what they need. They don’t need another corrupt Arab regime.”

Before Yousef’s exclamation, he described the average pro-Palestinian protestor as, “caring the least for the Palestinian children, and their future!”

“I am the legit legitimate representative of the Palestinian children,” he said.

“The child within me speaks. I don’t want somebody coming from London or somebody coming from the other side of the world to tell me what is the struggle of the Palestinian children.

“The Palestinian children – the Palestinian Society – has been hijacked by these criminals [HAMAS], and anybody who takes their side is participating in their crime.

“Stop blaming Israel. We invited this upon our heads. The rest of the world, if they don’t know the reality on the ground, it’s better they shut up.”

Protesting the protesters, Yousef, in broken English emphatically asserted, “Hamas did not only bring the wrath of Israel over Gaza, Hamas brought the wrath of God. We are going to remove them from power, and we are going to persecute their leaders.

“We are going to bring them bring them to justice and the world.

“Everyone who takes their side today – in this state of confusion thinking – this is a joke.

“I tell those people that you’re are going to regret taking the side of Hamas. You are going to regret taking the side of those criminals [Hamas leadership], who are killing the Palestinian people.”

Currently living in America, Yousef talked about the urgency of removing HAMAS from power.

Doing so, he said was the only way to prevent an even bigger, more devastating war.

“I guarantee,” he added, “once Hamas is removed from power, we’re going to see the Palestinian people celebrating in Gaza.”

They’re oppressed, under siege, and have had to endure violence from Hamas’s wars, he further explained.

Yousef was granted asylum in the United States after an Obama-era DHS initially refused his request in 2009, then attempted to boot him from the country in 2010.

Christian Post recalled Homeland Security concerns about his ‘integral role in Hamas,’ which Yousef admitted to, in his book ‘Son of Hamas’ (2010).

Rallying Christians to support Yousef’s request of asylum, Christians at the Institute on Religion and Democracy, helped secure his U.S. citizenship.

Disowned by his father, Yousef worked as a spy for Israel, after questioning Hamas’ methodology, and mistreatment of members.

He converted to Christianity in 2007.


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