Stand Firm ’24: A Culturally Potent Worldview Conference

“We cannot cause the winds of revival to blow, but we can prove that we mean our prayers by keeping the sails ready for the gale.”

No desire among Christians is so God-glorifying as the desire for revival.

In Revival, the saints are made holy and zealous. The Churches are set straight, and purified. The ministers repent, and preach the words of God. And the lost are swept into the Kingdom in large numbers.

At Stand Firm ‘24, our topic is Revival in Australia. 

“Australia has never seen revival”, you’ve no doubt heard. “And we’ve been a secular nation from the beginning.”

These statements are not just historically uninformed, they are symptoms of an intentional rewriting of Australian history.

Revival is in our Scriptures. Revival is in our Nation’s past. Revival must be in our future. 

At Stand Firm, July 5-6th this year, attendees will: 

Learn about the revivals in Australia’s early history and the rich spiritual foundation that our forefathers have laid in this nation.

Be informed as we define Revival Biblically, without the modern distortions.
Be challenged as we recognise the necessary means of Revival.
And be stirred to pray expectantly for Revival in your church.

We cannot cause the winds of revival to blow, but we can prove that we mean our prayers by keeping the sails ready for the gale.

Every attendee will receive a gift from our sponsor at Ligonier Ministries, valued over $100. You will also receive Kurt Mahlburg and Warwick Marsh’s book on Australian Revival, Great Southland Revival. 

Visit for more information regarding ticket prices, session times, and FAQs. 

See you there. 

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