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Mother and sex-shop owner creates fake penises for transgender preschool children

TransKids was established when sex-shop owner Searah Deysach saw the need for an online store focused on transgender children and their “unique needs.”

The Chicago-based mother who says she likes to, “spread the good word about sex toys and masturbation” came to the realisation “after years of helping adults find high-quality gender expression gear.”

One particular product sold on the website is a silicone penis, handcrafted by an “artisan” to help young girls experience the sensation of having a bulge between their legs.

“Most trans boys don’t start packing until they are teens or older,” the website states. “Sometimes young kids want to have a prosthetic and what is on the market is really just too big for most folks under 10 years old.”

“So our friends who make our Silicone Packers, came up with a mini version for young and/or smaller kids,” the website goes on to say.

According to the organisation, the silicone penises come in a variety of sizes, with the smallest aimed for children younger than five. Yes, FIVE!

“The Teeny Tiny would be for a kid under 5 and is really mini,” the website claims.

A child under the age of five? Can you imagine thinking this way before you had even started school? Surely this is a greater reflection on the parents than the children who are being subjected to such confusion.

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