Kingdom Thinkers Academy Opens Its New Online School for Homeschoolers

“The platform promises to be a worthwhile utility for Australia’s homeschooling community, and beyond.”

Kingdom Thinkers Academy (KTA) has launched its online school portal.

The portal offers quality options suitable for both the homeschooled, and the tutored, and is another innovative move by the Australian startup.

Officially released on Monday, the KTA portal is set to empower Australian home education through parent participation.

Powered by transdisciplinary, and project-based teaching styles, the deep learning platform, written and maintained by tertiary qualified contributors, is cutting edge.

Where transdisciplinary education engages a macro-learning approach to God and the world around us, project-based education zooms in on a micro level, through methods such as tactile learning.

When put together, the learning framework is a nurturing, comprehensive, educational experience, utilising the benefits of both the ‘panoramic, and intricate’ academic lens.

Their goal isn’t to replace homeschooling parents or replicate the industrial education complex.

The goal is to revolutionise access to reliable resources and improve how home educators connect.

KTA seeks to partner with parents and help them meet like-minded homeschoolers, within an environment that meets state requirements and elevates home education in holistic, and practical ways.

The wide-reaching scope and vision make KTA’s Australian-based learning platform unique.

Preserving the point of homeschooling, KTA has built parent-led independent learning into the framework.

By doing so they’ve created a viable Australian homeschool curriculum, which KTA founder, Kale Kneale asserted, “doesn’t just meet Australian standards, it bypasses them.”

The aim, he said, “is to create a vibrant atmosphere, inspiring students to inquire, challenge, and cultivate a deep comprehension of subjects aligned with KTA’s distinctive themes.”

Curriculum, Kneale added, ‘is structured around five thematic units, providing a comprehensive and immersive educational experience tailored to each student’s unique learning context.’

Working within a term structure, KTA ‘presents a variety of subjects within these themes, accompanied by weekly activities that ensure a well-rounded and personalised learning journey.’

For Australian homeschoolers, this project is a next-level work-around cumbersome curriculums and burdensome bureaucratic box-ticking.

Subscribers will be able to access printables, student chats, group lessons, customisable learning, and seamless communication with KTA’s educators.

As user participation increases, an eventual online store will offer a downloadable curriculum, customisable lessons, and eventually packaged programs.

Australian parents will be able to utilise these to complement their own routines, core texts, and set curriculum.

Permeating KTA’s ethos is the strength of sound theological counterpoints to the industrial indoctrination complex’s ideological groupthink.

As a resource, KTA’s online portal has the potential to answer parental isolation, remove complexities, and alleviate concerns about “getting homeschooling right.”

KTA’s mini collection is an example of the pro-homeschool learning portal’s game-changing potential.

The collection offers parents a way to experience the interconnectedness of the KTA learning approach.

Each mini-video comes with a free resource, where parents can dive into KTA’s new series to explore fascinating topics from all around God’s wonderful world!”

Additionally, the first five free inquiry sheets can be downloaded at the KTA store here, or by joining our community here.

Kale Kneale’s new initiative follows KTA’s release last year of its 8-page, ‘How to Homeschool’ guide, serving both home-educating veterans looking to refresh their approach and embolden brave newcomers.

KTA isn’t about detaching parents from the education process, neither is it about reinforcing sacred bubbles or enabling helicopter parenting.

The platform promises to be a worthwhile utility for Australia’s homeschooling community, and beyond.

By providing homeschoolers with the necessary tools to teach, KTA’s real potential is connecting the home education community with a curriculum they can count on.

Not only will this promote confidence in the home education arena, it looks capable of helping fine-tune educational outcomes.

KTA’s pilot class will be based on the first age bracket that reaches five or more students.

Homeschoolers interested in participating can register their details here.

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