Former NYC Top-Cop: “The Only Way Democrats Are Going to Win This Time Is Cheat”

“We need to make sure we have people in the polls. We need to make sure we can get to the courts – and get to the courts on time,” he said.

Former 9/11 New York City Police Commissioner, Bernard Kerik encouraged voters in Pennsylvania to vote Republican en masse, in order to stop Democrats from cheating.

In a speech supporting retired U.S Army Colonel, Doug Mastriano’s bid for Governor, Kerik told voters:

“Remember this: the only way that Democrats are going to win this time is cheat. We need to make sure we have people in the polls. We need to make sure we can get to the courts – and get to the courts on time. We need to make sure there are no mistakes like there was in 2020.”

Qualifying reasons for his comments, Kerik explained:

“I witnessed what happened in the 2020 election when the mainstream media says it’s all a big lie. I’m the guy that had to collect the affidavits from the people that witnessed voter, and election fraud. I’m the guy that had to help put those hearings together. I’m the guy that talked to a number of different lawyers that were right here in Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh.”

“Republican lawyers,” Kerik testified, “were not allowed to watch what was going on at the polls. That’s criminal. So, people could say all day long there was no voter and Election fraud. That’s B.S, and I know it.”

Kerick’s criticisms of the 2020 election stem from his work as an investigator looking into election fraud.

The former NYC top-cop also took aim at Mastriano’s opponent, Democrat, Josh Shapiro, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s incumbent Attorney General, who is seeking the Governor’s chair.

Kerik called attention to Shapiro’s woeful record on crime, and his department’s connections to George Soros via ‘progressive prosecutor’ Larry Krasner (District Attorney).

Soros is said to have funnelled tens of millions of dollars into backing leftist DAs, who, the NY Post, quoting Republican, Tom Cotton, described as ‘legal arsonists.’

There’s truth to the description. Woke policies on policing – spurred on by Democrats channelling their inner “Defund the Police,” are tearing some U.S cities and neighbourhoods apart.

For example, The Post reported, Pennsylvania’s capital, ‘Philadelphia, a city of 1.5 million, had more homicides than New York and Los Angeles, the country’s two largest cities. The city recorded 521 homicides — the highest since 1990 — compared to 443 in New York and 352 in Los Angeles.’

Famous for both fighting the good fight, and for falling off the pedestal.

Kerik is known for his leadership as New York City’s police commissioner during 9/11 Islamic terrorist attack, and for working with Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to lead New York City through the aftermath.

Kerik is also known as the Jailed Jailer.

Kerik was tried, charged, and convicted in 2010 for:

“Two counts of tax fraud, one count of making a false statement on a loan application, and five counts of making false statements to the federal government.”

The latter was over a position at Homeland Security, for which Kerik had revoked his candidacy.

The former two charges relate to misdemeanours tied to building renovations, which were paid for by a construction firm allegedly connected to organised crime.

After paying his dues, Kerik, an Army veteran, and ex-detective, was released in 2013, and later worked alongside President Donald Trump, as a key advisor.

The former NYC PC served three years, of a four-year prison sentence, and was pardoned by President Donald Trump in 2020.

A briefing from the Trump White House said at the time, “On 9/11, Kerick embodied the strength, courage, compassion, and spirit of the people of New York and this great Nation as he served alongside first responders at the World Trade Center.”

The Administration acknowledged Kerik’s missteps, as well as his efforts to repay society, writing:

“In 2010, Mr. Kerik was sentenced to 4 years’ imprisonment for tax fraud and for making false statements.  Since his conviction, he has focused on improving the lives of others, including as a passionate advocate for criminal justice and prisoner re-entry reform.”

The former corrections officer turned convict, is a big advocate for overhauling the prison system in the United States.

Kerik told The Heritage Foundation in 2015, the current rehabilitation system is a behemoth creating a “second-class citizenry.”

Criticising the system, Kerik painted prisons as a monster fed by heavy-handed laws, unjust prison terms for first-time non-violent offenders, and unrealistic prisoner rehabilitation programs that over-promise, and under-deliver.

In his speech supporting Pennsylvanian governor hopeful, Doug Mastriano, Kerik declared:

“I’m here today because I’ve seen him in action. I’m here today because I know, and understand, the politics behind Josh Shapiro. The failed politics behind Josh Shapiro.”

Kerick added:

“You know what: the borders have to be controlled. The Fentanyl (synthetic opioid) coming into this country is outrageous. The human trafficking is outrageous. The inflation. The economy. The crime. The Critical Race Theory going into our schools.”

“Everyone on of these things,” Kerick stated, “contradicts what this country stands for. Every one of those things contradicts what our constitution stands for.”

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