Jon Voight: “Hollywood Has Been Propagandized”

“This idea of propaganda is real, and it gets to you. We live in a time now where the media is pouring propaganda into people’s homes; slanders and lies are being accepted as truths.”

In the Biden era, actor Jon Voight continues to be an example of consistency and sober-mindedness.

The Hollywood vet hasn’t shied away from his defence of Trump’s conservative platform, and he remains a stalwart believer in God, and the prospects, abilities, founding principles, and overcoming ingenuity of the American people.

Explaining to The Daily Wire in a recent interview about why he left the Left, Voight told them that “Hollywood has been propagandized.”

“It’s an interesting thing about the Left, one would think that you could look around and see that every time socialism or communism; Marxism take root in a country the country is destroyed.”

“Look at what’s happening in North Korea; look at what happened in Poland when Russia took over, look at what happened in Cuba. Look at what’s happening in Venezuela.”

“One would think,” Voight continued, “that they’d get added up” from which we could then say “let’s not let it happen here.”

Giving tribute to the patriotism of Hollywood’s golden age, he contrasted what was with what is, saying, “It seemed to fall apart in the 60s. That time when this kind of Leftism struck and this anti-American feeling was inserted into our society using the Vietnam War.”

Voight said, “I had a big hit at the end of the 60s, so I became part of this group of people; these young lions who were coming forth, who were all negative about our country speaking about the end of the war.”

“The end of the war was marked by the murder of two and half million people in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.”

Voight adds, “the Left; the people out there with the signs just walked away and took this moment as a victory. I saw all of this carnage. Communism and the communist hordes that created all this violence were given a pass by this group.”

It was the abandonment of responsibility for the victims of communism that revealed to Voight the true nature of leftism.

Returning to his point about propaganda Voight stated, “This idea of propaganda is real, and it gets to you. We live in a time now where the media is pouring propaganda into people’s homes; slanders and lies are being accepted as truths.”

(Such as accusations from within the media that “Donald Trump was a Russian agent.”)

He then expressed concern at the state of universities and schools, stating that they were “damaging our children”, and that this was “backed by Hollywood.”

Adding, there’s a bias. For example, “If you’re a conservative in Hollywood, you’re on the outside, and you don’t have an easy chance for a career.”

Voight then spoke about the crimes under Lenin, four million starved, and six million under Stalin.

Pointing out rising fuel prices and inflation under Biden, he notes, “they don’t know how to govern, they’re just no good…; they’re not good at it. The only thing they’re good at is being destructive, as they showed themselves to be during President Trump’s four years.”

“All they did was try to destroy this country and bring down a sitting president, and now you have Big Tech participating in cancel culture.”

Voight concludes, “we’re in a battle for the truth. Thank God for our founding principles, and our founding documents, especially the constitution. Even though it’s been eroded and attacked, still enough of it has kept us alive, and I believe we’re going to prevail.”

Then asserted, “Truth is God’s truth. God is truth. God is good and we’re fighting lies. We have a little battle on our hands and we’re not going to give up.”

Voight’s criticisms are shared by ex-Communist, David Horowitz, a founder of the New Left, 60s radical and once a supporter of the Black Panthers. Horowitz’s own testimony is reflected in Voights.

Horowitz has said “[Contrary to what the Left claims] they didn’t believe in the American dream. They lusted after a Communist utopia.”

On September 27, 2001, in a comment that backs Voight’s own self-reflection, he remarked:

“The blood of Vietnamese, and Americans, is on the hands of the anti-war activists who prolonged the struggle and gave victory to the Communists…If I have one regret from my radical years, it’s that this country was too tolerant toward the treason of its enemies within.”

Also, in his article ‘Carl Bernstein’s Communist Problem and mine,’ Horowitz wrote, ‘The Communists lied to everyone [in the 60s], and the new keepers of their faith are still lying today.’

There’s a lot more worth sharing, but in the interest of brevity, I’ll end it there.

For a real in-depth look into Hollywood’s move from liberal (liberty-based) values to leftism (Marxism) I recommend:

David Horowitz’s: ‘Black Book of the American Left.

Jacques Ellul’s: ‘Jesus and Marx.

Thomas Doherty’s: ‘Hollywood & Hitler.

Voight covers, in sum, what those books meticulously reveal.

An additional resource is the ‘Discover the Networks‘ website, which provides reliable, quotable content updated by Horowitz’s team on the impact, and the long march of the radical left.

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