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Iranian activist calls Western Feminists to challenge compulsory Islamic laws for women

Iranian activist and journalist, Masih Alinejad told BBC news, “As a woman, according to Islamic law, I’m not allowed to sing solo. I’m not allowed to show my hair. I’m not allowed to dance. I’m not allowed to be a judge. I’m not allowed to get custody of my child. I need permission from my husband or father to travel.”

Ms Alinejad went on to say, “Some people in the West might say that, you know, by talking about compulsory hijab you’re causing Islamophobia. But these are the discriminatory laws causing Islamophobia.”

“Our goal in our campaign is to invite all the Western feminists, especially female politicians, to challenge compulsory hijab laws when they go inside Iran.”


Good luck with that!

Last year, before being banned from the U.K., Lauren Southern attended a Women’s March in London to


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