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Transgender movement accused of obliterating homosexuality: ‘anti-lesbianism disguised as progress’

Lesbian women who refuse to enter relationships with transgender, biological males, are now being branded transphobic by members of their own ‘community.’

A Pride march in London was recently crashed by a group of Lesbian activists arguing that “transactivism erases lesbians.”

A flyer distributed by the protesters claimed the trans movement denies lesbian women the right to choose their sexual partners based on their sex.

“We condemn any pressure on lesbians – such as rape and death threats, or calling lesbians ‘transphobic’ if they refuse so-called ‘transwomen’ as sexual partners and do not accept the penis as a female organ,” the flyer reads.

In a series a Tweets, transgender comedian Avery Edison demonstrated the way of thinking these activists are now protesting.

“I have a penis and I am still a woman,” Edison claims. “I am still a lesbian. When lesbians are in a relationship with me, they remain lesbians, because they are in a relationship with me as a person, not a specific part of my body.”

Once again we see that all Cultural Marxism offers is a desolate form of eternal warfare between ever more narrowly defined groups of offended minorities.

In response to Edison’s string of Tweets, Ben Shapiro said: “This is how transgenderism absolutely obliterates homosexuality.”

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