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Fall of the West, Rise of Islam

Francis Schaeffer in his book, “The God Who is There,” argues that relativism has destroyed the form of society by removing structure and morality. As a result people today have an internal void which causes them to look for some kind of stability.

I believe this is what has given rise to the hedonistic culture we currently see in the West. Further, this change has also contributed to the rise of Islam.

In an effort to fill the void, people embraced pleasure (sex, drugs, alcohol etc.) hoping to fill the emptiness within. These temporal pleasures, however, failed to deliver what was desired, and they certainly did not create a moral structure by which to conduct life.

As the West went looking for something to fill the void they came across Islam which provides a strict moral code, rules and structure. Everything about Islam is antithetical to modern Western culture and ideals, thus providing the ‘thing’ which Western man believes is missing.

Humanity needs structure, it needs morality, it needs standards. Modern Western thought has removed this, and in the vacuum that was created, Islam filled the void. In reality, the West has sown the seeds of its own destruction.

The solution to the collapse of civilisation is to return to the foundation upon which Western culture was established, namely, Christianity. By casting off Christian morality and values, the West descended into debauchery and produced the fertile soil for Islam to grow. Only a return to Christ and His standards will stem this current decivilising tide.

While it may be popular for some secularists and leftists to attack historic Western thought and culture, what they fail to realise is that they are attacking the very structure which guarantees their freedom. By removing that which Christianity has established, the danger we then face is that something worse and barbaric will take its place.

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