Mark Latham says, if parliament can social distance safely, then so could churches: They would be ‘a place of solace and inspiration’ in difficult times

Mark Latham has said it makes no sense closing down churches while TAFE colleges, schools, and some universities remain open.

Speaking with Alan Jones on 2GB/4BC, the NSW One Nation leader described the inconsistencies in the Prime Minister’s partial shutdown as “just horrific”, saying safely done, churches would be a place of “solace and inspiration” for people in these difficult times.

“I’ve spoken to church leaders,” Mr Latham said, “there is a challenge in social distancing, in the congregation that they’ve got at their worship… but they thought they were mastering that.

“I can tell you, the state parliament sat yesterday. We did the one and a half metre social distancing. I got to say, with the hand washing and so forth, it all felt safe and protected compared to the normal brushing up against each other.

Mr Latham went on to say, “So, if parliament can social distance safely, then you would have thought a church could. A metre and a half on the pews, and if there’s an overflow, they could put up a video screen on the outside with modern technology.

“So, you’re right. Churches would be a place of solace and inspiration for people in these difficult times. So, to close them down while lots of other places are open just doesn’t seem to make sense.”


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