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Ten-year-old raped by migrant classmates, police drop case: ‘too young to prosecute.’

A ten-year-old boy from Berlin was reportedly raped by three asylum seeker classmates while on a school trip.

According to Berliner Zeitung, the perpetrators tormented the boy throughout the day saying, “We f-ck you today!” That evening an Afghan and Syrian boy, both aged 11, held down the victim while a 10-year-old Afghan boy sexually abused and raped him.

A week-and-a-half later a social worker at the school was notified of the incident. The school then informed the parents and the police, and suspended the perpetrators.

German authorities have however dropped the case, stating that the boys are too young to be tried in the justice system since they’re not at least 14 years of age.

The two that held the victim down are now attending schools in other districts. The best authorities say they can do is stop the main perpetrator from attending a normal school with other students.

A spokeswoman for the Berlin Senate School Administration said, “We want to exhaust all legal possibilities so that the main perpetrator does not attend a regular school…”

Migrant rape attacks are a major issue in Europe. Since the mass sexual assaults that occurred over New Year’s Eve 2015/16, Germany has seen a outbreak of reports of migrant sex attacks. Last year it was revealed that almost half of the crime committed in Berlin was carried out by migrants.

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